Navabharat’s Tomorrow Forecast: Vastu

Today's Future, Saturday, March 11, 2023 |  Navabharat (New India)

Today’s future revolves around the child born today and their characteristics like being healthy, proud, tall, lean, intelligent and stubborn. The person will not listen to anyone and have a lot of friends, with success in engineering. There will be an inclination of mind towards new works and activities as well. Sheep-born people will make adaptations for themselves in adverse conditions, while Taurus-born people will have property related matters resolved, with unemployed individuals getting employment if they try. Geminis will have business expansion and family cooperation, leading to mental happiness. Cancerians will be involved in social work and have better emotional relations. Leo natives will have workplace cooperation and be aware of pickpockets during travel. News from a distant friend is also likely. Virgos will have meetings with officers and progresses in their desired works. Libra natives should share their minds with close friends and avoid stressful situations. Scorpios will arrange necessary funds for new works and have success in business ventures. Sagittarians will participate in domestic events, get news from maternal side and find guidance. Capricorns will find it difficult to fulfill promises made to friends and Aquarians should avoid rude behaviour. Pisceans should not anger people and debt can arise due to appearances. Businesses will benefit in the form of increased prices of jaggery, sugar, coconut, date palm, almond and fish, while linseed, castor and horn are expected to soften. Jagte, pat, bardana and hessian will have equality in prices. The fortune number for this day is 3787.

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