Aligarh Accident: Sahibabad Bus-Truck Crash Leaves

Aligarh News: Truck collided with roadways bus of Sahibabad depot, 12 passengers injured

A tragic incident occurred in Aligarh on Monday night, when a truck collided with a roadways bus of Sahibabad Depot. The bus was on its way from Etah to Noida, carrying approximately 45 passengers. As the bus stopped to avoid a tractor parked on the highway between Akrabad-Nanau, a truck coming from behind collided with it.

The impact of the collision was so severe that 12 passengers were injured and the bus was severely damaged. The driver of the truck immediately fled after the accident and left the truck at the scene. The police reached the spot and took the truck into custody.

Afterwards, some of the injured passengers were sent to Community Health Center in Akarabad for treatment while others were rushed to Aligarh by ambulances. It was only after late night that the traffic was made smooth by removing the bus from the spot.

The accident highlighted the importance of patient and mindful driving, which could have saved a lot of pain and suffering of both the passengers and the driver of the truck. It also highlighted the need for better regulation of highways and stricter enforcement of traffic laws to ensure that such accidents can be avoided.

In conclusion, accidents on highways can lead to severe physical and psychological trauma, making it imperative for drivers to exercise extreme caution and follow traffic rules religiously. It is hoped that through strict enforcement and awareness, such incidents can be minimized and people can enjoy safe journeys on roads.

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