Hathras News: Passengers and Operators Locked in Battle as Overbridge Construction Stalls Bus Service

Hathras News: Buses are not coming inside the city even after the construction of the overbridge, the operator-passenger is fighting

On Sunday evening, a dispute between a Hathras bus passenger and a conductor arose regarding the bus not entering the city. Passengers managed to reach their destination after a heated argument. Even after the construction of an overbridge at the pond crossing of the city to ease traffic jams, the drivers and operators of the roadways are taking buses outside the city, causing inconvenience to passengers. Every day, passengers face tussle with the conductors of the buses. The other depots’ buses are taking the bypass route instead of entering the city, leaving only the buses of Hathras and Aligarh to enter the city. The officers at the depot blamed the lack of personnel for this.

It is becoming difficult for the passengers to reach their destinations when the buses take the bypass route at night. The officers in charge should pay attention to this issue to help the passengers. The conductor and the passenger of Hathras depot argued when the bus finally arrived at the city. The passengers of Agra-Aligarh route had to sit in whatever bus they get and when it was time for the bus to go to Hathras, the driver informed the passengers that the bus will take the bypass route and not enter the city. This problem is causing a lot of troubles for the passengers.

Satendra Verma, the Regional Manager of Roadways, informed that the buses of Hathras and Aligarh depots have been ordered to enter the city. However, when it comes to Uttarakhand Depot, the passengers and the conductor face a tussle on a daily basis due to which nothing can be done. He also added that action will be taken against the drivers and operators if they don’t enter the city. The passengers have been facing a lot of inconvinience due to this issue.

This issue needs to be addressed by the relevant authorities. The officers need to take corrective measures to ensure that the buses pass through the city even during night time as well as appoint personnel to man the bypass route. The officers should ensure fair treatment to the passengers and make sure that the bus takes them to their respective destinations without any hindrance.

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