Municipal Employees Launch Indefinite Strike: Navabharat Reports

Strike |  Municipal Administration in May, indefinite strike of employees from today.  Navabharat (New India)

The National Nagpur Corporation Employees Association is preparing to take on a cross-border battle for the unfinished judicial demands of its members. The decision to participate in the indefinite strike called by the Federation of Associations of Maharashtra State Metropolitan Municipality, Municipality, and Municipal Council Employees from March 14 was taken by the said organization. Despite the efforts made by state authorities to break the strike, it is almost certain that the strike will occur throughout the state. This strike could disrupt the administration in the Municipal Corporation as the said association reportedly has more than 2,000 members.

Though essential services have been separated from the strike, the office bearer of the association, Praveen Tantrapade, mentioned that discussions are ongoing with the Federation in this regard. The Federation officials believe that the government has been unduly neglecting them. If no tangible results arise in the next couple of days, the employees in charge of providing essential services will likely join the strike, which would then cause disruption in the general services such as cleanliness.

The employees in the Municipal Corporation asserted that the strike is necessary for their benefits. It is a ‘now or never’ situation and they are ready to take part in the strike with full force. However, there are some organizations that are attempting to confuse the employees by claiming positive decisions on some demands in conjunction with the Municipal commissioner. This has caused the employees to become more aware and avoid getting caught in these traps.

Therefore, it appears that the strike in Municipal Corporation will be successful without doubt. As the deadline for the strike grows nearer, the organization is hoping that the government and other authorities will respond positively to their demands. This strike could prove to be a major turning point for the employees currently employed in the Municipal Corporation. It is yet to be seen what the effects of this strike will be.

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