Mirzapur Tragedy: Fatal Crash of Tanker and Tractor Claims

Mirzapur: Tanker collides with tractor carrying woman's body for last rites, two killed

A tragic incident occurred in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. On Monday night, a tractor carrying the dead body of a woman for the last rites collided with a tanker near Kundrup village under Madihan police station area. The accident caused two deaths on the spot and one person was severely injured. Other people who were riding the tractor also suffered minor injuries.

Upon receiving the news of the accident, enraged villagers blocked the village. Madihan and Rajgarh police immediately reached the spot and after half an hour of explanation, the jam was ended. The police then arranged pickups for the last rites of the deceased woman’s body.

The accident took place when Budhia Devi (60), mother of Saroj Singh from Raikri village of Madihan police station area, passed away due to illness. Subhash (48) and Sitaram (52), inhabitants of Rackery, were sitting on the tractor trolley and were killed in the accident. Awadhesh (30) was critically injured in the crash while the other passengers on the tractor suffered minor injuries.

Shailesh Rai, police station in-charge of Madihan, arrived on the scene and with the help of local people, the injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the tanker fled from the spot after the accident.

The incident serves as another reminder of the ever-growing need for heightened safety measures on roads and highways. The authorities should ensure that such horrific incidents do not become commonplace or accepted as part of life.

The death of any person through road accidents, no matter how trivial the reason might be, is a huge loss for their families and for society at large. Such tragedies must be stopped through common-sense measures, strict regulations and thoughtful policy-making.

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