ing: When Check-Out Becomes Check-In – The Shock of a Hotel Room Stalemate

So went to the hotel room with friends, after check-out again got stuck, shocking happened

New Delhi : A tragic incident of a young man’s suicide by hanging himself in an OYO hotel room in the capital city, has come as a shock to many. The deceased Tarunache Nao was 23 years old and lived in Dakshin Puri Extension. According to the information available about the incident, Tarun had been living with his friend Sourav Nawacha at the hotel and had checked out on the morning of 12th March.

In the evening he returned to the Ektach Hotel where he was found dead. The police have since then registered a case and started investigation. The police also found out that the hotel was running without a valid licence for the last one year which had 16 rooms in total. During interrogations, talks of Rahul and Sourav having checked out earlier came up. The duo had checked out at the morning of 12th March.

The CCTV footage of the hotel revealed another story when a police officer was seen with a woman in room number 206. He was identified as Nawab Singh, a resident of Nagar. It was found that he was wearing a police uniform but could not produce any identity card. Further investigations revealed that he was a civil protection volunteer based in Shahdara. Based on this, the police have filed a criminal case against him for false identity.

This incident is a stark reminder of how depression can take over anyone’s life regardless of age. It is important to provide mental health support and help to those who need it from time to time. It is equally important to access professional help when necessary. Unfortunately, we are still not aware of the severity of mental health related issues and its consequences. We must move towards making mental health a priority and not just another problem to be ignored.

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