Use the number without inserting a SIM card; Make your Jio, Airtel and Vi SIM like this e-SIM A to Z Counsel

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If you use a premium smartphone, then you can use the number without having to put a physical SIM card in it. This has been possible with the help of e-SIM functionality. With the help of this functionality, users can use any number without inserting a SIM card. The special thing is that you can also convert your existing physical SIM card to e-SIM and the process related to it is very easy.

The e-SIM functionality in India is not as popular as in other countries, but telecom service providers are offering it as an option. Apart from getting a new e-SIM, you can convert the existing physical SIM card to e-SIM. Let us know what is its process with different telecom companies.


If you are an airtel user, first of all you have to send SMS to 121 by typing “eSIMregistered email ID”. You will get a message from this number, in response to which you will have to confirm that you want to use e-SIM by sending “1”. After this, you will have to call the Airtel representative to confirm the identity and the QR code of the e-SIM will be sent to the registered email ID. After scanning this QR code, you will be able to start using e-SIM.

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Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio users will have to go to their device’s settings and note down the 32-digit EID and 15-digit IMEI number. After this you have to write “GETESIM<32 digit EID><15 digit IMEI>” and send a message to 199. After this a 19-digit virtual e-SIM number will be sent to SMS and registered email ID. Now send SMS to 199 by typing “SIMCHG<19 digit e-SIM number>“. The confirmation message will come after the e-SIM request is processed in about two hours.

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Vi users will have to send a message to 199 by typing “eSIMregistered email ID” from their number. After giving confirmation on the next message, the QR code of the eSIM will be sent to the users on the registered email ID. With the help of this QR code, the use of eSIM can be started by going to the network settings of the device and there will be no need to install a physical SIM card.


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