Police Probing Vikrant Exchange’s Cricket Betting, Hawala and Swindle: Navabharat (

Cricket Betting |  cricket betting, hawala and swindle;  Police is probing the horoscope of Vikrant Exchange.  Navabharat (New India)

The story of cricket betting, hawala and swindle came to light 3 days ago, when Ranapratapnagar police station registered a cheating case. The Vikrant Exchange, which was raided by the police, was found to be involved in the illegal activities such as betting on cricket matches, hawala and fraud. During the raid, the police had recovered Rs 58.36 lakh. This made the police search deeper into the entire horoscope of Vikrant Exchange. DCP Zone-1 Anurag Jain told that so far 8 accused have been arrested in this case, whose names are Rohit Pralhad Patel (43), resident of Satnami Nagar Chowk, Arjun Chandu Rathore (23), Dharmendra Akoba Wala (21), Nilesh Manuprasad Deve (36), Vishnu Krishnadas Patel (58), Viramsingh Jaywantsinh Rathod (25), Vikramsingh Dhanaji Vaghela (21) and Zoruba Gelusi Vaghela (51).

The investigation began after Sahil Chauhan (24) saw a page called ‘Vikrant Exchange Ind’ on Instagram, where there was an offer to get 3% interest in 3 days if a person invested money. When he contacted the accused, they agreed to the deal. Thus, Sahil not only invested but also convinced his friend Shubham to do the same. Initially, the accused paid the interest for some days, but later on started delaying or refusing to pay the interest. On asking for their money, they even demanded more money. This made Sahil file a complaint to the police. Following the tip-off, the police traced the numbers from which the calls were being made and called the accused using the same number, who were caught while counting the notes on electronic machines.

As per the recent updates, 3 out of the 8 arrested accused were involved in housekeeping in the flat, and the other 5 worked with the master mind of the racket. Transactions were made from the accounts named Murray Griha Udyog and Vikrant Exchange Ind. But, due to the bank being closed on Sunday, the police did not get much information regarding the scam. Nonetheless, the police have written letters to the banks inquiring all the transactions made from the accounts, which will help them apprehend the kingpin soon.

It has been revealed that the main operation of Vikrant Exchange is cricket betting, which has been promoted through Instagram. Gamblers have to pay a certain amount to get the ID for betting on cricket matches. Moreover, the operator of Vikrant Exchange has built its own network across different cities. Similarly, an office was also opened in the flat located in Quetta Colony where economic transactions were done. As per the investigation, this racketeering has been going on in Nagpur city since the last 9 months.

Cricket betting, hawala and swindle are illegal activities, and the chase is on to trace the entire network of Vikrant Exchange. The police is tracing the account holders linked to the scam and soon enough the mastermind behind the fraud will also be apprehended. With proper guidance of DCP Zone-1 Anurag Jain and teams of ACP Ashok Bagul, PI Mangesh Kale, Harishkumar Borade, Amita Jaipurkar, PSI Ganesh Mundhe, the police is getting closer to unveiling all the details related to the shameful operation.


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