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Women became self-reliant: changed their fortune by joining poultry farming, earning so much money per month

Sikandpur village, situated at a distance of about five km from Mainpuri, is very backward economically. The people of this Muslim majority village are dependent on wages. But the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) worked to change their fortunes by engaging women in the poultry business. Now the women of this village are becoming self-reliant and working to give a new direction to the family with a better life.

About a year and a half ago, the then Chief Development Officer Isha Priya and Deputy Commissioner NRLM PC Ram took the initiative for a community poultry farm. Under MNREGA, a community poultry farm was prepared in Gram Panchayat Sikanderpur at a cost of 12.27 lakh. After this, the responsibility of its operation was given to the nodal group formed by selecting one woman each out of 20 women self-help groups.

In the first community poultry farm, the chicks were kept for one month. After this, these big chicks were given to the other females of the group for the backyard poultry farm. Here the women followed him for five months. After this the chickens started laying eggs and the sale of chickens started. Due to this women started earning income and gradually their economic status started improving.

Presently 220 women are making profit from backyard poultry farm. On the other hand, two mother units made in the community poultry farm are being operated by Ujala Nodal Producer Group and Roshni Mahila Sankul level group. Backyard poultry has emerged as a better employment for the unemployed women of the village. Gradually other women have also started becoming self-reliant by joining it.

Five thousand chicks are put in the community poultry farm every month. On an average these chicks come to one lakh rupees. Here they are looked after for 28 days. After this, the females of the group are given one chick for backyard poultry for Rs.80. Through this whole process, the women operating the community poultry farm earn an average income of six to seven thousand rupees per woman per month.

Females take 28 days old chicks from community poultry farms for backyard poultry. They are given 25 chicks for two thousand rupees. She takes care of them by keeping them at home for five months. After this the hen starts laying eggs. It earns an income of about four thousand rupees per month. At the same time, gradually the sale of chickens also earns up to two thousand rupees. In such a situation, women are also getting benefit of five to six thousand rupees per month from backyard poultry.

Nagma, the director of Ujala Nodal Producer Group, said that there is only wages in the name of employment for women in the village. In such a situation, the National Rural Livelihood Mission showed the way of income to women by connecting them with poultry. The women of our village are now becoming self-sufficient with their own earnings.

Nazia, president of Ujala Nodal Producer Group, said that I am taking chicks from the community poultry farm and rearing them. It has become a source of income. Two hundred women of the village are doing this work. This has brought happiness in his life. Other women are joining in as well.

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