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Vastu Astrology |  Today's Future, Monday, 19 September 2022 |  Navabharat


Today's Future, Monday, 19 September 2022

today’s future- Monday 19 September 2022
The fruit of the child born today-

A child born today will be of a friendly, sympathetic heart. Their education will be good. God will be a devotee. They are proficient in conversation and tactful and understanding. They will progress far away from the place of birth.

Sheep- Take care of the health of the elderly. Stay away from legal matters. Will be interested in reading. Relationships will develop. Work with patience. Creative work will be achieved.
Taurus- Marital happiness will come. Postponing personal work will worsen the matter. There will be concern due to ill health of any member of the household. Efforts are bound to be hindered.
Gemini- Sweetness will increase in relationships. Pay attention to health. You will get success in charitable work. You will get proper support and guidance from subordinates in the job. Labor will be more.
Cancer- A compromise will have to be made for business gains. Family obligations will be fulfilled with the help of friends and relatives. Financial efforts will be successful and worthwhile. Have patience.
Lion- Resolving controversial matters will bring relief. Meeting a loved one will be pleasant. There will be happiness due to the timely completion of well thought out tasks. Financial troubles will go away.
Virgo- Will win everyone’s heart with sweet behavior. Will meet friends Money will be spent on unnecessary activities. There will be a lot of hard work. Courage might increase.
Libra- Work with the heart instead of the mind. Financial problems will be solved easily. Efforts will be worthwhile. There will be more than one source of income.
Scorpio- Controversial matters will be resolved through talks. The schedule will have to be changed due to the movement of guests. Personal effort will continue. Health will be good.
Sagittarius- With eloquence, you will make bad things happen. There will be success in fortunate endeavors. Will have to work more. Social work may be considered.
Capricorn- There may be a religious journey. Hope to get stuck money. There will be delay in sleeping tasks. You will get fame and respect. It is the sum total of fulfillment of personal obligations.
Aquarius- Business travel will be beneficial. Youth will get desired job. Friendship will be useful for you. New friends will meet. Success will come.
Pisces- Will spend on luxury goods. Being in a hurry can make things worse. Business activities will increase. Will be busy in social work. You will get respect.

business future
On Ashwin Krishna Navami, due to the influence of Aadra Nakshatra, the price of cotton, silver will increase. There will be a jump in the price of jaggery, khand, red pepper, mustard. The prices of the remaining commodities will follow the trend of tomorrow. Almonds, Aquarius, Pistachios, Dates will move towards recession. Bhagyank number is 2789.


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