Ganpati’s miracle saved Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s relationship, the actress finally told what happened that evening A to Z Counsel

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Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law Charu Asopa is in a lot of discussion about her professional life as well as her personal life. Some time back Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen were in news about their relationship. Charu and Rajiv’s relationship was almost over, but then something happened that both of them got together. Social media users and fans of the couple also gave their opinion about this. Some had called it a publicity stunt, so many people were very happy with what happened in the end. In such a situation, now Charu Asopa has spoken openly about this in her video blog.

No one walks in front of the upper one…

Charu Asopa shared her latest video blog on 21st September. In the 11-minute video, Charu first talks about her daughter and then talks about her relationship with Rajiv. Charu describes her fans as family and thanks and adds, ‘Some of you are angry, they think it was a stunt for Bigg Boss. So the quarrel between me and Rajiv, or that we were about to part ways. I think I shared everything with you guys. When I was in Bhilwara, I said that I am going back to Mumbai and starting a new journey. So everything was planned, but it is said that nothing works in front of the above plan. I think that no one goes in front of the planning of the upper one, so I think that the above has some other thought for us, and the thinking that he must have kept will be good.

Bappa did a miracle…

In the video, Charu further says, ‘When I was sitting in the flight from Bhilwara to Mumbai, then Bappa was about to come. On 31st Bappa was about to come and 30th was my date and Rajiv’s date, where we were going to go to the family court to sign… So on 29th when I boarded the flight I told Bappa only one thing in my mind that Bappa I I am going to bring you to the house, so do as you like. You think that which is right for me and Gianna, you take that decision. And when I reached here… I had arrived in the evening of 29 and in the morning of 30 we had to go to the family court. So sitting like this, Rajiv and I started talking and while talking, many things are said that talking does not solve a lot of things, so while talking, some grievances were removed and we felt That… Maybe Bappa just wanted us to give a chance to our relationship for Gianna and… where we have given so many opportunities, there is one more chance… give each other more chances.’

It’s easy to break a relationship…

After this, Charu further says in the video, ‘It is easy to break the relationship, we can break it anytime, but both of us sat down and decided that if we should give a chance then there is no harm in it. So that’s what happened and I don’t think it was a publicity stunt. It was genyune, it felt like it was all a miracle. Because everything was planned. I had come with the token money of the second house. I had to shift in the house on the 2nd at home. Whatever furniture I had in my house, all that had arrived in Mumbai. After all this, when this happened, it was quite surprising for me too and it seemed that Bappa must have done it. And I will tell the truth, whatever I have told Bappa till today, he has given me what I have asked for. After that we brought Ganpati to the house on 31st, brought Bappa and we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with great pomp. This is what happened and I thought I should share all this with you guys. Those who understand will understand and those who do not understand, no matter how much you explain, they will not understand.

Charu and Rajeev got married in 2019

It is worth noting that Raji Sen and Charu Asopa had chosen each other as their life partner in the year 2019. Shortly after the marriage, the relationship of both of them had soured, although after the birth of daughter Gianna in 2021, their relationship improved, but after some time, their relationship came on the verge of breaking up. Rajiv and Charu had taken the decision to part ways with each other. Charu had even deleted his posts with Rajiv from social media. But now the fans are happy as all is well between Rajeev and Charu.


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