editorial | Changes in Jammu and Kashmir, cinema halls open for the first time Navabharat A to Z Counsel

editorial |  Changes in Jammu and Kashmir, cinema halls open for the first time  Navabharat


editorial Changes in Jammu and Kashmir, cinema halls opened for the first time

It is really surprising that there were no cinema halls in Jammu and Kashmir since independence, although most of the films were shot in the beautiful plains of Kashmir. Broadly speaking, people will remember many films like Barsaat, Jab-Jab Phool Khile, Junglee, Kashmir Ki Kali, Arzoo, Roja which were shot in Kashmir. Davidlin’s English film ‘A Passage to India’ was also shot in Kashmir. When the movements of the terrorists increased, the filmmakers started going to Switzerland and Europe-America for shooting.

Everyone wants entertainment, whether rich or poor. Now after the improvement in law and order, the winds of change have come in Kashmir. Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated one multipurpose cinema hall each in Pulwama and Shopian districts of South Kashmir living under the shadow of terror. Apart from films, there will be other means of entertainment in the building complex of these cinemas. Skill development of youth will also be done here. In today’s era, it is no longer necessary to deliver film reels. New to new films can be shown simultaneously in hundreds of cinemas across the country through live streaming. Therefore Kashmiris will get an opportunity to watch new and popular movies. With this they will emotionally connect with the whole nation. Entertainment will reduce their stress.

Hotels, shops and businesses will grow around cinemas and a large number of people will get employment. Films related to patriotism like Border, Paltan, Kargil, Sher Shah can become inspirational for the people. The cinema hall set up by the Youth Mission Department of the government is also supported by the district administration. After Pulwama and Shopia, now Anantnag, Srinagar, Bandipora, Ganderwal, Doda. Theaters will also be opened in Rajouri, Poonch, Kishtwar and Raisi districts. This step is also included as part of important efforts to connect Kashmir with the mainstream of the nation.


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