Case Registered | Crime registered against the contractor of 33 KV Express feeder of Amrit Yojna, orders issued by Magistrate of First Class. Navabharat A to Z Counsel

Case Registered |  Crime registered against the contractor of 33 KV Express feeder of Amrit Yojna, orders issued by Magistrate of First Class.  Navabharat


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Yavatmal, The ambitious AMRUT water supply scheme in Yavatmal city has already been badly divided at the administrative and contractual level, amid allegations of rampant corruption in it, now even in getting the contract of 33 KV express feeder prepared for AMRUT scheme. The matter of panic has come to the fore, in this case, after the orders of the Magistrate of First Class AD Thorat, against the contractor in Avadhutwadi police station, the contractor who got the contract of express feeder of Amrit Yojna by using fake documents to get the tender. An offense has been registered in the case.

According to the information received, in September 2019, the work of Amrit Water Supply Scheme costing more than Rs 302 crore was started by the Maharashtra Life Authority for the supply of water from Bembla Dam in Yavatmal city, under this 33 KV express feeder for the power supply for the scheme. A tender worth Rs.6 crore 54 crore was floated for the work.

According to the terms and conditions of this e-tender, the tenderer should have the main eligibility to complete the work of 19.5 km length of 33 KV feeder line and similarly the work of 1.2 km length underground cable. Atul Asarkar, Director, Komal Electrical Agencies, Yavatmal and Prof. Prof., Director, Maurya Electricals and Engineering Pusad. Pramod Sambhaji Dombley obtained false work experience certificate from Prof. Vijay Anil Dande of VD Electricals for doing the above work, on the basis of which Atul Asarkar gave this work to him by e-tender L-1 i.e. low rates stay Gaya, To get the contract, the contractor secured the contract for the work of 33 KV feeder of AMRUT scheme on the basis of fake experience certificate.

In this case, Ajinkya Patil, the social worker of Yavatmal, got all the information about the tender process under the Right to Information Authority, then in this contract, Atul Asarkar and Pramod Domble, in connivance with Vijay Anil Dande, Atul Asarkar and Pramod Domble in the experience certificate. Despite never completing the work of the registered 33 KV, this work was done by getting the contract. Fake experience letters were used in this whole case. complained of.

After which the Superintending Engineer, MHRD. The matter was investigated at the level of the Yavatmal office, in which the investigation committee recorded the conclusion of improperly obtaining the experience certificate obtained for the work, in its report, Sanjay Chitale, the then executive engineer of the power company, was also involved in this report. The investigation committee has recorded in the report, but the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company did not take action to register any offense against the contractor and the concerned officials.

After which on August 10, 2021, the complainant Ajinkya Patil made a written complaint to the Avadhutwadi police station, due to which the police department did not take cognizance of it, finally the complainant Patil filed a petition in the court. In this case, the court perused the documents, information presented during the hearing, after which the contractor got the contract of 33 KV feeder on the basis of fake experience certificate for the irregularities and stamped it as a case eligible for criminal proceedings. It is told, in this case, the court issued orders to register an offense against Pramod Domble, who helped him in this fraud, including contractor Atul Asarkar, and Vijay Dande. In this case, Ed. Imran Deshmukh pleaded on behalf of the complainant Ajinkya Patil. , he was assisted by Ed. Mudassir Sheikh.

It is worth mentioning that, in the court of Special Magistrate Yavatmal under O.MISC507/2021 under the title Ajinkya Vs. Sanjay More 44, the special court heard in this case, in which the special court heard the paperwork in getting the tender of express feeder of Amrit Yojana. The matter was proved, after which the court issued orders to register cases against 4 others including the contractor in this case only on 12 September 2022.

On September 17, on the written order of the court in Avadhutwadi police station and Ajinkya Vasantrao Patil, 46 resident of Ajinkya Vasantrao Patil in Avadhutwadi police station, complicity in the e-tender process of Rs. An offense under section 420,465,468,471,34 has been registered in the case of obtaining tender by presenting forged documents. The matter is being investigated under the guidance of Manoj Kedare, Police Inspector of Avadhutwadi Police Station.


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