Brutally broken bones and ribs: Priya was dragged by tying hands and legs, two and a half liters of blood was stored in the body, doctors also trembled A to Z Counsel

प्रिया मौत मामले में जांच करती पुलिस

Police probing Priya’s death case
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Priya Rathore, a 13-year-old student living in the hostel of SR College, Lucknow, was vandalised. His throat was strangled. Also dragged. Its evidence is in Priya’s post mortem report. Amar Ujala has Priya’s post mortem report. Analyzing the facts revealed in the post-mortem in detail, a big expert of the city said, it is clear from the report that Priya’s death is not an accident or suicide, but murder.

The daughter of Jalaun resident Jasram Rathore was studying in class VIII from SR College, BKT. She lived in the school hostel. Priya died under suspicious circumstances on the night of 20 January.

The school administration was changing the statement to hush up the matter. Finally, on Monday night, on Jasram’s Tahrir, the police registered a case of murder against the unknown. There were many big revelations from Priya’s post mortem report. According to experts, the C-7, C-4 and C-5 bones of Priya’s neck (cervical) are broken.

Such an injury was also found in the throat which could not have come from falling, but only by strangulation or beating. There were marks of rubbing on the back of Priya’s body (hips). Which indicates to be dragged. Meaning his throat was strangled and he was also dragged. Due to vandalism, his leg bone and ribs were broken. Experts say that he was killed in a way of lynching.

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