Ayodhya will be Rammay before Deepotsav, idols of Lord Shri Ram are being installed on the highway A to Z Counsel

Ayodhya will be Rammay before Deepotsav, idols of Lord Shri Ram are being installed on the highway

UP Politics: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is all set to make Ayodhya Rammay before Deepotsav this time. Idols of Lord Shri Ram and Rishi Munis are being installed on the Yogi Sarkar National Highway. 12 idols of Lord Shri Ram from childhood to youth will be installed on the National Highway from Sahadatganj to Naya Ghat in Ayodhya.

In fact, the Lucknow-Gorakhpur road connecting Ayodhya is being prepared as Shri Ram Marg. The government is talking about giving darshan of many forms of Lord Shri Ram to many devotees coming to Ayodhya. Along with connecting the National Highway of Ayodhya with 6 lanes, it is being decorated on the lines of the episodes of Ramayana.

From where till where is the Ram temple being decorated?
Idols of various forms ranging from the childhood of Lord Shri Ram to Vanvasi and Rajaram are also being installed from Sahadatganj to Ramghat. While giving information, according to DM Nitish Kumar, due to Deepotsav, beautification work is going on on the divider of NH-27 in which idols related to spirituality are being installed in Ayodhya.

What did the DM of the district say?
District DM Nitish Kumar said that wire filling and cable wire is being installed on the divider. When the devotees enter here, they will come to know that we are entering the spiritual city and the old relation of Ayodhya is spiritual. With this, we are connecting every single thing. And there will be painting too. . The work of expanding Ram’s foot is being started.

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