Amarinder Singh entered the BJP, special wife Preneet Kaur means entry was postponed? Captain Mahnale… A to Z Counsel

Amarinder Singh entered the BJP, special wife Preneet Kaur means entry was postponed?  Captain Mahnale...


New Delhi : Maji Chief Minister and the founder of Punjab Lok Congress, Amarinder Singh means the entry of the BJP. Amarinder Singh i.e. Tyancha Punjab Lok Congress merged with the banana. In the presence of Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and other Netanyachaya Amarinder Singh i.e. BJP entered Banana. Yaveli journalist Amrinder Singh yana tyanchaya wife khasdar Preneet Kaur i.e. Banana did not enter the BJP, as a question thought. Yaawar mee je karto te majya patninam karanyachi graj nahi, asan north amarinder singh yani dil.

Congressman Amarinder Singh Yanna Chief Minister Davrun Hatvalyanantar tyani party sodanyacha decision ghet Punjab Lok Congress ha party would have been established. The BJP, Shiromani Akali Dal would have been able to support the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Only, Amarinder Singh yanchya paakshacha a single candidate victorious jhala navhta. Captain sing yancha balekilla samjalya jananya patiyaal middle dekhel parabhavacha saamana would have been done. City Patiyalamdhun Captain Amarinder Singh Yancha would have been defeated.

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Captain Amarinder Singh or wife Preneet Kaur or Patiala Lok Sabha voterSanghatoon CongressKadoon victorious Jhalya Hotya. Amarinder Singh means Congress Sodli real Tari Preneet Kaur means Adyap Tyanchya Khasdar Padachha Rajinama Dilela Nahi. Preneet Kaur or Tantric Drishti Congresschaya Khasdar hurt. Only the mention of the social media account of the Congress has been removed. Preneet Kaur yanana made her entry in the BJP, as per the process of inter-departmental captive, she applied power, tyamum tyani bjp admission talyachya discussion started.

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2017 Chaya Vidhansabha Nidwanukin Congress Captain Amarinder Singh Yanna Chief Minister Padawar Punha Sandhi would have been delivered. Only, 2022 chya assembly nivardnuki purvi tyana padavarun hatavanayat aalan. The angry Jhalelya Amarinder Singh i.e. BJP leader Amit Shah would have met Ghetli. After some days, the Punjab Lok Congress or Pakshachi would have been established.

Amarinder Singh and Amit Shah pleaded on 12th september rosi bhet jhali. National Security Issues, Punjab Middle Narco Terrorism and Punjabchaya Bhavishyatil Vikassathi BJP’s entry due to factual decision Amarinder Singh i.e. Ghetla.

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