The richest people of the world live in these 20 cities, which city of India is included? See full list here A to Z Counsel



  • List of 20 richest cities of the world released
  • America’s New York City ranked first
  • Chinese cities are also included in the top 20 cities

Richest Cities List: The list of the world’s richest cities has been released, in which New York City of America is at number one. This list has been released by Henley & Partners. This company tracks rich people all over the world. New York ranks first among 20 cities with the world’s largest number of millionaires. The company considers him a millionaire who has $1 million or more in investable assets. This includes cash, cheques, savings accounts, investments in stocks, government bonds and mutual funds. Many cities in America are fast approaching. However, in the first half of 2022, New York’s wealthiest population declined by 12%. San Francisco came in second. According to data collected by the intelligence company New World Wealth, during this period there has been an increase of 4 percent billionaires.

If you look at the whole list, America has the richest cities than any other country. 6 out of the top 20 cities are in the US. According to the report, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the cities in the world where the number of millionaires is increasing the most. However, for the last few years, most of the rich people in the whole world have migrated from Russia.

List of 20 richest cities in the world-

    • New York


    • Tokyo


    • San Francisco


    • London


    • Singapore


    • Los Angeles


    • Chicago


    • houston


    • Beijing


    • Shanghai


    • Sydney


    • Hong Kong


    • frankfurt


    • Toronto


    • Zurich


    • sol


    • Melbourne


    • Dallas


    • Geneva


    • Paris


Which are the richest cities in India?

The name of any city in India or Pakistan is not included in this list. However, if we only talk about our country i.e. India, which cities are the richest here. So Mumbai comes in the first place among them. According to the Hurun Global Rich List 2022, Mumbai has the largest number of billionaires in the country. The city is home to 72 billionaires. The national capital Delhi ranks second in terms of billionaires. The city is home to 51 billionaires, while Bengaluru ranks third with 28 billionaires. However, if we talk about the world, then New York City of America has the largest number of billionaires. There are 107 billionaires living in New York, who have a net worth of $640 billion.


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