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Nityananda Olakadu, a social worker from Karnataka, rolled on the road to protest against the potholes on the roads in Udupi.

A social worker from Karnataka took part in a unique protest against potholes on the roads in Udupi. Nityananda Olakadu on Wednesday rolled on the road in a ritual called the ‘Urulu Seve’ demanding the repair of the roads in Udupi.

‘Urulu Seve’ is a ritual commonly performed at temples and involves rolling on the ground for the welfare of the society. He began his protest by breaking a coconut and offering ‘aarti’ to the potholes on the road.

Addressing the media, he said the stretch of road on the Udupi-Manipal national highway is in a pathetic condition despite a tender for the road being allotted three years ago.

He added, “No one is raising any issue. Thousands of people use this road every day. Even the chief minister has passed through this stretch. Either Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Union Minister Nitin Gadkari should arrive here for the road to be repaired.”

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