Delhi Women’s Commission strict on child pornography, asked the police – why the FIR has not been done till now? A to Z Counsel

Delhi Women's Commission strict on child pornography, asked the police - why the FIR has not been done till now?

Delhi Commission of Woman: The Delhi Commission for Women has summoned the Twitter Policy Head and Delhi Police in India on the serious issue of uploading and sharing of child pornography and rape videos of women and children on the social media platform Twitter. be released.

The commission has taken suo motu cognizance of several Twitter accounts that are openly circulating sexual acts involving children and women. The commission shared that most of the tweets showed children in complete nude and many of them even depicted brutal rape and unconsensual sexual activity of children and women. Also very shocking thing is that some of these videos have shown rape while sleeping with children and women.

Commission raised serious questions regarding child pornography
The Women’s Commission claims that they are demanding money from other users of the social media platform for providing videos of child pornography and rape. The commission has also shared the list of such tweets with Delhi Police and Twitter. The commission has also apprehended that hundreds of such objectionable videos openly displaying child pornography and rape related material are available on Twitter. In the summon issued by the commission to Twitter, it has been said that it is extremely distressing that such illegal acts involving sexual exploitation of children and women are being circulated through social media platforms.

Twitter has asked for a reply
The Women’s Commission has issued summons to Twitter asking it to find out their policy to prevent such illegal and abusive content from being circulated through Twitter and also to immediately inform the legal agencies about such matters. The reporting system was also understood. In particular, the Commission has asked Twitter India to send a reply in the context that such content has neither been reported on Twitter nor has been removed from the platform. Along with this, the commission has also sought details of the number of such tweets currently operating on Twitter.

In addition, the commission has sought details of the number of tweets identified, reported and deleted by Twitter related to child pornography and rape in the last 4 years. The Commission has also sought SOP/policy regarding removal and reporting of such content being followed by Twitter. Through which it has tried to find out whether artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are being used by Twitter to automatically detect and remove tweets showing abuse against women and children.

Register FIR Delhi Police
The commission has also issued summons to Delhi Police to register an FIR in this case. The commission has recommended that children and women seen in videos related to child pornography and rape should be identified and provided all possible help.

Delhi Police has also been asked to share details of the number of similar tweets reported by Twitter in the past and whether an FIR was registered against them and the accused were arrested. The police have also been asked to apprise the police about the steps taken by the police to ensure that such tweets showing child pornography and rape videos do not continue to exist on the social media platform Twitter.

What did Swati Maliwal say?
Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal said, “I am shocked to learn that rape and child pornography videos are very easily available on platforms like Twitter. The video shows children and women being raped even while they are sleeping. The objectionable content needs to be removed from Twitter immediately and FIR should be registered by Delhi Police in the matter without any delay.

The system should be developed in the policy of Twitter India so that all such videos are removed immediately and the details of criminals are reported to law enforcement agencies. Swati Maliwal said that her accountability should not only be towards the American people but also towards the women and girls of India. Twitter must be held accountable for such obscene and objectionable material being available and even being sold on its platform.

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