Video: Governor favors Sunil Chhetri for being photographed on stage, fans furious A to Z Counsel

Video: मंच पर फोटो खिंचवाने के लिए राज्यपाल ने Sunil Chhetri को किया साइड, भड़के फैन्स

See, finally the governor did Sunil Chhetri on the stage, know the reason for the fury of the fans

Durand Cup Football Tournament 2022: India’s football captain Sunil Chhetri has included another title in his account. Bengaluru FC led by Sunil Chhetri stunned Mumbai City FC 2-1 in the final of the Durand Cup on Sunday. However, after the match, some such incident happened in the presentation ceremony, after which the users started expressing their anger by sharing the video on social media.

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Actually, the Governor of West Bengal, who came to the ceremony along with the Indian captain, did something on the stage, seeing the anger of the fans on the internet. Recently, a video of this ceremony viral on social media is becoming increasingly viral, after which the fans are demanding a public apology from the organizers. It is being told that in this tournament held in Kolkata, Bengal Governor L Ganesan was giving the trophy to the winners. Meanwhile, on the stage, the governor was seen trailing football star Sunil Chhetri in the process of getting photographed.

This video has been shared on many social media platforms, which users are watching and sharing a lot. After watching the video, users are also giving different types of reactions. One of the users says that, ‘This is why our country is behind in football.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘Looks like Governor Sahib has won the match, he is being given the trophy.’ The third user wrote ‘Wrong thing, winning the trophy by working hard. The hobby of taking photographs has ended the manners nowadays. Some fans wrote that, ‘What kind of behavior is this, he is a player. It is important to respect the player. Some fans said that, ‘He should apologize to Sunil Chhetri and Indian football.’

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