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today’s future- Friday 16 September 2022
The fruit of the child born today-

A child born today will be healthy, cheerful, friendly, kind and a leader in the field of education. There will be involvement in job or parental work. Will be hardworking There will be special interest in entertainment travel. Will be a devotee of the father.
Sheep- New investments will be profitable. The fruits of hard work will start coming. Physical pain and mental problems will be resolved. Personality will develop.
Taurus- There will be chances of progress. Enemies will be afraid of you. There will be delay in the work of the court. There will be a decrease in happiness and peace. Manglik work will be done.
Gemini- You will get success in legal matters. Contingency plans will make good gains. You will get success in creative work. There may be problems in some new tasks.
Cancer- By working hard, you can make the situation favorable. There will be a mistake by itself. You will get the support of friends. Beneficial opportunities will be available.
Lion- Trying to earn money in a wrong way will be harmful. Business travel will be pleasant. Be very careful in investing capital in business.
Virgo- People will try to create hurdles in the business sector. There will be busyness in doing family work. There will be enthusiasm in the mind. You will get prestige.
Libra- Try to complete the important plan. Business travel will be pleasant. The sum of economic benefits. Working women will have to work more.
Scorpio- Work started without prior planning will face failure. Time will be spent on unnecessary tasks. Enthusiasm in the mind will fulfill the obligations.
Sagittarius- The cases going on in the court can get more complicated. Be patient. One may have to be a victim of humiliation by a person, there will be interest in work.
Capricorn- There will be tension about something. The opposing class will try its best to cause harm. It would be beneficial to take advice of a person. The outline of the planned work will be discussed.
Aquarius- You will be able to overcome all kinds of problems. Good news will be received. Hard work will be worthwhile. You may have to face the anger of the officials.
Pisces- Family matters will be resolved. You will get success in completing important tasks. Be careful in business. Amenities will increase.

Business Future:
On Ashwin Krishna Shashti, red colored objects will accelerate due to the influence of Kritika Nakshatra. But today, if there is a recession, the trend of wheat and gram will remain bullish. There is a boom in oilseeds. White colored objects will suddenly accelerate. Bhagyank number is 5719.


Vastu Astrology | Whose birthday is today, Friday 16 September 2022 A to Z Counsel

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