The widowed mother of 4 children dragged the bullock cart: 15 Km on foot in Rajgarh; When the bike riders asked, they cried A to Z Counsel

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Rajgarh (Bhopal)6 hours ago

Hungry and helpless widowed mother. Loading goods on bullock cart. His daughter is also sitting on the bullock cart. She is not driving the bullock cart, but she herself is pulling the cart as a bull. This touching video surfaced in Rajgarh on Tuesday. The woman pulled the bullock cart and walked 15 km away from Pachore. Meanwhile, on the way, two bike riders saw him and inquired about his condition. The woman cried and said- Me and my baby girl are hungry. 15 Km more is left. Bike riders tied the woman’s bullock cart to the bike and took her to Sarangpur.

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Husband passed away, we do not have a home, someone should help
Laxmi, a resident of Sarangpur, told- My husband passed away two and a half years ago. We do not even have money to eat two meals a day. I have 4 small children. Every person has built a house in our place, but even today we are living with raincoat. During the rainy season the whole house gets filled with water. When a storm comes, the roof of the house blows away. What is our condition in winter, what do you tell now? My kids work too. Till now the help of Re 1 has not been received from the government.

The benefit of widow pension scheme is not available. To fill my stomach, I pull a bullock cart in the afternoon. Two bike riders helped me for the first time. We left the people at home. Now there is hope for help from the government.

The woman does not have a home. Lives with children in a kutcha house.

Professional teachers are helpful
The name of the young man who dragged the bullock cart from the bike to the woman and dropped her home is Devi Singh Nagar. He is a teacher by profession. He told- I was going somewhere with my partner on Tuesday afternoon. Then we saw Lakshmi coming. We could not stop seeing the condition of the woman. I stopped the bike after going to the lady and talked to her. Lakshmi told that she is coming from Pachore. He has to go to Sarangpur.

The woman told that her daughter has not eaten anything for a long time. she is hungry. So we fed him. After that I told him do you have a rope? The woman gave the rope. We tied the bullock cart to the bike with a rope and dropped the woman to her house in Sarangpur.

The bike riders helped the woman and took her to Sarangpur.

The bike riders helped the woman and took her to Sarangpur.

Collector said – will help
Rajgarh Collector Harsh Dixit says that I have got information about the woman from you. I see what women do. Women should get maximum benefits of government schemes, will work on it and will try my best to help her.

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