Mohali MMS Leak: The country’s first famous DPS scandal, which shook the whole country A to Z Counsel

Mohali MMS Leak: The country's first famous DPS scandal, which shook the whole country


Chandigarh University Viral Video: In Mohali, Punjab, the case of alleged MMS going viral of the girl students of Chandigarh University has become very hot. The student of the university itself is being accused of making objectionable videos of her friends viral. There is a serious allegation against the girl that she used to make videos of girls taking a bath in the hostel bathroom and then send the clip to her boyfriend living in Shimla. There has been a lot of uproar after this incident came to light.

Students protested fiercely outside the university in Mohali regarding the incident of MMS scandal of girl students in Chandigarh University. However, it has already been clarified by the university that the rumors of making objectionable videos of girl students are completely baseless.

Arrest in Chandigarh MMS case

A youth has been arrested from Shimla in the Chandigarh University alleged MMS case. The arrested youth is a resident of Rohru in Shimla district. Earlier, Punjab Police had arrested a student of Chandigarh University. In the same case, a 31-year-old youth from Shimla has also been detained by the Punjab Police for verification. The girl who allegedly shot the video is also from Rohru. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has ordered a high-level inquiry into the matter. However, politics has also started on this and the Congress is besieging the Punjab government.

Chandigarh University Ranking

Chandigarh University was established in the year 2012. Gradually the identity of the university began to be established. This is a university that had reached great heights in a very short time. In just 10 years, this university managed to make it to the QS World Rankings 2023. In the QS World Ranking 2023, 41 educational institutions of the country were included in the list. It was included in the best ranked institute from Punjab. However, the alleged MMS scandal in the university has thrown the institute into the mud of notoriety in a jiffy.

Mohali scandal reminds of DPS scandal

In Mohali, Punjab, the case of alleged MMS going viral of the students of Chandigarh University is in the news. This scandal has reminded me of the DPS incident about 18 years ago today. This incident is from the year 2004. In this case, pornographic videos of two students came to the fore. It was told that both were minors. At that time the era of mobile with cameras had just started. The video was recorded by a student with his camera mobile phone. Later it was also revealed that the girl was not aware of the recording in the camera.

The country was shaken by the MMS scandal in 2004

The first MMS scandal in the year 2004 shook the entire country. This MMS was started being shared. This video started going viral on the porn site at that time as well. An IIT student had also listed that pornographic video clip for sale on a website called ‘’. After this incident there was a mobile phone ban and there was talk of imposing a fine on the students. There was a debate about whether or not to give mobile phones with cameras to the students and there was a lot of ruckus.

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