Cyber ​​fraud: 250 Americans were targeted, Patna Police will seek Interpol’s help A to Z Counsel

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Patna Bihar Police will take the help of INTPOL in the investigation of the gang who cheated American citizens by sitting in the state. ADG Headquarters JS Gangwar said in Patna that Digha police station has arrested three vicious people in a case related to cyber fraud. Apps like Rint Center, Skype, Text Now were used by these thugs living in West Bengal to trap people.

He said that this case of cheating is related to foreign country, so for its investigation. Interpol help will be taken. The leader of this gang is currently absconding but the police have identified him. He said that the police were trying to arrest him. Let us tell you that by opening a call center in Patna, some miscreants were making American citizens a victim of fraud. In this case, the police have arrested Danish Arshad, Sabbir Ahmed and Amir Siddiqui.

send popup link making victim like this

Together, these three used to entrap the American people in their trap in a very clever way. Due to their good command over the English language, their work became easy. to the American people popup link Used to send If someone accidentally touched the link, then the malware was automatically downloaded to his computer. This slowed down the speed of the computer. After this, cyber criminals also gave their mobile number by sending another link. An American citizen was used to download Annie Desk as soon as he talked on the mobile number. Then they were cheated by trapping them in their nets. Due to the matter being related to America, Bihar Police is going to take the help of Interpol in its investigation. The ADG said that necessary paperwork is being done for this.

Two e-mail ids will be checked

Police have got two email-ids from cybercriminals who cheated dollars in the name of hacking US citizens’ computers, uploading malware in it and then fixing them. Both e-mail id [email protected] com and [email protected] are being investigated. In this, the police will also take the help of the cyber cell. From the e-mail id, it will be known who was talked to and with whom they have a connection.


Hindustan Hindi News

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