Bridge | New bridge built with high level technology, the governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh should protect the dying Bawanthadi river. Navabharat A to Z Counsel

Bridge |  New bridge built with high level technology, the governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh should protect the dying Bawanthadi river.  Navabharat

cow dung: Former vice president of Bhandara district BJP, former sarpanch of Ashti village, former member of Tumsar Panchayat Samiti, senior BJP leader Dr. Amrit Sonawane congratulated the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra government for approving the work of building a new bridge on the Bawanthadi river Pathri Ghat. Thanks given.

It has also been suggested that the new bridge should be made of national highway level, modern design and high level technology so that the bridge remains safe for a long time. Because in future this road is also likely to be a national highway.

At present, the operation of heavy vehicles and passenger buses of Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra is closed from this bridge. It has been seen that the 100-year-old bridge built during the British period is still intact and the big bridge of the present Pathri Ghat, on which the traffic of heavy vehicles is closed for the last 3 years, vibrates. Has happened. Whatever the new bridge will be built, the barrage should also be estimated. Where the traffic will continue on the bridge, the same water will also be collected.

The government’s motto ‘Pani Adva, Pani Jirwa’, Save Water, will also be meaningful in the true sense. According to this element, barrages should be built to stop water. Sonawane has suggested that, the total length of the Bawanthadi river is about 70 km. It is a very small river. It is not a river that flows for twelve months, even in the rainy season man can walk across the river. If there is a flood in the morning, then the flood subsides in the evening. There is no need for a boat.

The excavation of sand on this river has become so much that it seems that this river will die. Maharashtra government does not auction river ghats. By keeping the rules in mind, sand excavation is done. The mining work of the sand mafia of Maharashtra runs differently, don’t ask them. This river is such that sand can be extracted and transported from anywhere.

The state of Madhya Pradesh also has half the right over it. Farmers of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh cultivate on both the banks of this river. This river is life-giving for the farmers, but due to indiscriminate sand excavation, the water level of the river has gone down very low in the ground, because of the terrible sand excavation.

Despite the news of illegal sand mining being published in the daily newspapers, the administration and the government have proved unsuccessful in stopping it. Water will stop due to the construction of barrage. The agriculture of the farmers will get water and the tap schemes running in the villages of the area will also get water. Sondia Tola Lift Irrigation will also be able to release water from the barrage. The Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh governments should together try to save this river. It should be discussed in the cabinet meeting.

There is a need to plan measures for both the governments sitting together and how to save this river. If it is not possible to build a barrage, then what is the harm if both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh government sit and think together? The type of barrage plus bridge built in Sondiatola, similarly villages like Alesur, Chikhali, Devnara, Chandmara, Lobhi, Ashti, Dhutera, Kavalewada, Ghanod, Sakardara etc., where cement bunds should be made in the Bawanthadi river so that water can be stored and farmers and all Benefit of the people. During the rainy season, excess water is flowing. In summer, water is released into the river from Rajiv Sagar Dam. Sonawane has appealed to take appropriate action in the interest of farmers.

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