BJP Amdarane Thet Vidhan Bhavanlach Anali Cow; Pudhe ase kahi ghadle ki fujitich jhali A to Z Counsel

BJP Amdarane Thet Vidhan Bhavanlach Anali Cow;  Pudhe ase kahi ghadle ki fujitich jhali


Ajmer (Jaipur): Your question is Vidhanshet Mandnyasathi Halli Aamdar Vegweggi Shakkal Ladhwatana Pahayla Mittat. Aashich Vegli Shakal Ladhwat Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh BJP general Suresh Singh Rawat Hey Lampi or Ajarakade government’s Laksh Vedhanyasathi Vegalya method came to the Legislative Assembly premises. Today Monday’s Rajasthan Legislative Assembly session started. Yaat participant Honyasathi Pushkarche Aamdar Suresh Singh Rawat Hey That Eka Gayesah Vidhan Bhavanachya Awaraat Pohochale. Mere yadarmayan ase kahi ghadle jyamule tyana trasala samore jave lagle. (BJP MLA Suresh Singh Rawat directly reached the Rajasthan Vidhan Bhavan with a cow)

Cow suddenly bitharlyane rastyavar udala gondh.

Aamdar Rawat i.e. Vidhan Bhavanachya Awaraat That Gayesah is the entrance banana. Only, Vidhansabhat pohochanyapurvich rawat mediashi bolnyasathi thambale. Then suddenly the cow bitharli and tethoon pau lagli. The cow suddenly sighed. Cow pau laglyane vidhansabhachya rastyavar gondhacha would have created the atmosphere. O all the scenes have come to be imprisoned by some. After all, the common man Rawat, or the gherao, the Congress made a loud ruckus. BJP would have gayichya navavar rajkaran karayache, mere gomatenech tyanchya nautankicha end banana, ashi tika congressne ke keli. There is a lot of discussion on social media or Ghadamodinchi.

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Aamdar Suresh Singh Rawat means ‘Gomata Kare Pukar, Hum Bachao Sarkar’ Aashi posters Gheun Vidhan Bhavan campus entrance banana. In the meantime, the convention started with Honya’s former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot i.e. journalist Sangitle, the central government should declare Lampi Rogala as a national crisis month. Gachya skinchechya ajarapasun gaiche prana kaise vāchāvata yetil, yala aamche pradhanya ahe. Kendrane las and medicine dyaichi aahate, tyamule asha situation, general kendrakade o national crisis declared karanyachi magni kart karnayachi karni karnat, such a chief minister Gehlot i.e. Mhitle.

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What is BJP’s general Rawat?

The same incident took place in Ghadnyapurvi Rawat i.e. broadcast media, representative dialogue. Tyveli te Mhanale ki, Gomata Gelya was stricken for three months. Mothya certificate sung to death. And there are many tyranny to be hurt. State government’s goal is Vedhanyasathi aapan cow gheun vidhan bhavnat pohochalo. The government has sung the kaji ghene necessary. Yaadhi Rawat i.e. Ashacha Pratee Veganyach method has come to present the question of the Veloveli Constituent Assembly.

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