Anupamaa Spoiler: Anupama was cursed by Baa, Kinjal will also show her different form, everyone will be surprised to see A to Z Counsel

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So far in the Anupama show, you have seen that there is a ruckus in the house after the disclosure of Paritosh’s extra marital. Paritosh is thrown out of the house by Vanraj, after which Baa takes out all the anger on Anupama as usual. She accuses Anupama of breaking into her son’s house. Along with this, she also curses him, after which Anupama feels worse. Baa says that after breaking your own house, you broke the house of your son and daughter-in-law, don’t you feel ashamed? You will regret a lot. You will never get happiness. You will feel a lot of bullshit. You will love Paritosh and I will be very badass. You will never be happy by lighting up the happiness of our courtyard, Anupama.

After this, Kinjal cries seeing her daughter, then Anupama will say that where do you have the time to shed tears, Kijal, wipe the tears and take care of the daughter. Kinjal tells the daughter that do not cry, I am with you.

Rakhi does support

When Baa tells Anupama, Rakhi takes Anupama’s support and says, ‘I apologize to you Anupama. Seeing Toshu’s misbehavior and his attitude, I understood how right you were and how wrong I was. Anupama did a great job. Thank you for keeping your promise to support my daughter.

Kinjal’s condition will deteriorate

Kinjal will be completely broken after Paritosh leaves the house. There she will go into depression. Not only this, she will also not be able to fulfill the responsibility of the daughter.

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Kinjal will now give her daughter to Anupama. She wants to get away from all the responsibility which includes the responsibility of the mother. She will be so broken that even her daughter will not take care of her. Anupama will get upset seeing Kinjal’s condition. She will now also take care of Kinjal’s daughter. Now Anupama will get to hear more taunts from Baa.

At the same time, the biggest question that is arising is whether Anuj will support Anupama during this time or not.

Hindustan Hindi News

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