Ananya Death Case: Demand to arrest accused mother-in-law, maternal side took out candle march A to Z Counsel

Ananya Death Case: Demand to arrest accused mother-in-law, maternal side took out candle march

In Mathura, there is outrage among the parents-in-law for the dowry murder of Ananya Yadav alias Hina (28), daughter-in-law of Congress leader Devendra Yadav. On Sunday evening, the family members took out a candle march from the GIC intersection, demanding the arrest of the mother-in-law and father-in-law. The maternal side also accused the police of being negligent in the investigation.

On September 4, Ananya’s body was found hanging from the fan on the second floor of Devendra Yadav’s house near GIC Tirahe. On behalf of the family members, a case of dowry murder was registered against husband Madhav, father-in-law Devendra Yadav and mother-in-law Madhu Yadav in Kotwali on the complaint of the deceased’s brother Nitesh. The police have arrested the accused husband Madhav and sent him to jail. There is resentment in the maternal side due to the non-arrest of the accused mother-in-law.

The people of the maternal side are demanding the arrest of the mother-in-law. Regarding this, the maternal side took out a candle march on Sunday. Along with going to get justice for Ananya, he raised his voice to arrest the accused soon.

Nitesh Yadav, brother of the deceased told that the police is protecting the killers of his sister under the pressure of the deputy commissioner. As long as this fight of theirs continues, the sister does not get justice. He says that the police have kept silence by arresting the accused brother-in-law Madhav.

Nitesh Yadav told that Devansh Yadav, brother of accused Madhav Yadav, is an IAS officer. He is currently posted as Deputy Commissioner posted in Kishtwar, Jammu. The police are refraining from taking action under their pressure.

Ananya was the youngest of three sisters and brothers. He has an older brother and a sister. The brother alleges that about 50 lakh rupees were spent in the marriage of the sister, yet she was murdered for dowry. Now they want justice.

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