Ali Zafar thought that Shahnaz Gill is Pakistani, said such a thing about the face of the actress A to Z Counsel

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Actress Shahnaz Gill, known as Katrina Kaif of Punjabi films, has become famous from house to house after being a part of the reality TV show Bigg Boss. Earlier, where she was limited only to the Punjabi film industry, today the whole country knows her. Shehnaaz Gill has become not only Salman Khan but millions of people due to her cuteness and down to earth nature. But Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar had a big misunderstanding about Shahnaz.

Is Shahnaz Gill Pakistani?

During an interview, Ali Zafar told that when he heard Shahnaz’s name, he thought that Shahnaz Gill was a Pakistani girl. Ali Zafar also gave the reason for his thinking like this. Ali Zafar told, ‘Shehnaz is a big Pakistani name. Who is this Shahnaz Gill? Are these Pakistanis? Then when I saw him, his face is also very Lahori type.

would like to work with shehnaz gill

Shehnaaz Gill was also offered through this interview. Ali Zafar said that if Shahnaz Gill is listening, then I would like to collaborate with him in one of my songs. Let us tell you that Ali Zafar had been in the news a lot in the past when he had said not to work with Shahrukh Khan.

not working with shahrukh khan

Actually Pakistani singer Ali Zafar laughed about this and said that when he works with Shahrukh Khan, there is a big problem. Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan has worked with many Pakistani artists till now but after the boycott of Pakistani artists started in India, most of the Pakistani artists stopped working in India.


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