Women becoming ‘bosses’ doubled in last 5 years: Women in senior positions increased 3 times more in India than in the world A to Z Counsel

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  • Grant Thornton Survey| Women Now Hold 32% Of Top Leadership Positions Worldwide

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New figures have come out from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report-2022. Ten thousand companies from 29 countries were included in this survey. According to this, female bosses worldwide were 25% in 2017, which could only be 32% in 2022, but the figures are better for India.

Progress: 3 times more women became boss in India than in the world
Between 2017 and 2022, the number of women reaching the boss’s chair in companies has more than doubled in the country. In 2017, women in senior positions were 17%, which increased to 38% in 2022. That is, about 3 times more than women who become bosses in the world in five years.

Opportunity: 63% believe women benefit from Kareena’s new work culture
The results of Grant Thornton’s survey conducted on more than 250 companies in India say that women have benefited more from the new work culture that has developed after the Corona period. According to the survey, 63% believe that women employees have benefited from new work cultures like work from home and freedom of working hours.

49% also said that there was increased pressure from stakeholders to improve the average of men and women in the company. At the same time, 90% believe that due to this new work culture, women’s career can get higher in the long term too.

Potential: Women founding 45% of startups, gave 2.7 crore jobs
Women are not only getting promotion, it is not so… they are not less in terms of setting up business on their own and providing employment. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation report, 45 percent of startups in the country are owned by women. Not only this, about 20% of medium and small scale industries are women.

About 432 million women work in the country. Women are the owners of 1.35-1.57 crore industries and they provide employment to 2.2 to 2.7 crore people. It is estimated that by 2030, women’s established industries will reach 30 million, in which 15-17 crore people will get employment.

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