Wife not joining BJP? What did Amarinder Singh say on this question? A to Z Counsel

Wife not joining BJP?  What did Amarinder Singh say on this question?


Captain Amarinder Singh: Former Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh has joined BJP on Monday. With this, Amarinder Singh’s party Punjab Lok Congress (PLC) has also merged with BJP. Captain has joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister Narendra Tomar in Delhi. Captain Amarinder Singh has moved to the BJP, but his wife Preneet Kaur is still a member of the Congress.

When asked if his wife was not joining the BJP, 81-year-old Captain Amarinder Singh said, “It is not necessary that a wife should do what her husband does.” Preneet Kaur served as the junior foreign minister in the Manmohan Singh government from 2009-2014.

Margaret Alva took a dig

Preneet Kaur is currently the sitting Congress MP from Patiala. The Congress has neither asked for his resignation nor has he offered to resign. Margaret Alva, the opposition candidate for the recently held vice-presidential election, took a dig at Captain Amarinder Singh over the situation. He tweeted that, “Preneet Kaur is clearly more intelligent than Captain.”

Joined BJP with son and daughter

Amarinder Singh has joined BJP along with his son Raninder Singh, daughter Jai Inder Kaur, grandson Nirwan Singh. Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh after joining BJP said that I express my gratitude to the Prime Minister and Home Minister.

Targeting the Congress, he said that the army was not strengthened during the tenure of the Congress, then defense deals were not done. Punjab being a border state of India has its own challenges, the border with Pakistan is adjacent to it, it has its own challenges. Now weapons are coming which is necessary for us if we have to keep our country safe.

fought assembly elections with BJP

Former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said goodbye to the Congress last year and formed his own party Punjab Lok Congress and contested the assembly elections with the BJP. However, he could not win a single seat. He had failed to save even his own seat. This is not the first time that Amarinder Singh has merged his political party with another major party. Earlier, he merged his Shiromani Akali Dal (Panthik) with the Congress in 1998.

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