Vastu-Astrology | Weekly Horoscope, December , 2022 | Navabharat (New India) A to Z Counsel

Vastu-Astrology |  Weekly Horoscope, December , 2022 |  Navabharat (New India)

, Weekly Horoscope .
Date- From 11 to 17 December 2022 Astrologer Pt. Narayanshankarnathuram Vyas,
Kotwali Bazar, Jabalpur (1/4)DM0P;1/2)
Mo. No. 098266-21998
Weekly Planet Position: –
This week Sun is in Scorpio. On 16th from 7/7 night in Sagittarius, retrograde Mars in Taurus, Mercury in Sagittarius, Guru in Pisces, Venus in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra and Moon in Gemini, Cancer, Leo And will transmit in Virgo.

Effects of Planetary Yogas: –
Sun, Mercury, Venus are aspected by Mars. Therefore, there will be an attack on the tendency of politicians to collect votes by giving allurements. The country will have to face economic crises. The farming class will turn away from politicians, there will be military stir on the border. Ta. On 11th, Mercury will enter Purvashadha Nakshatra, due to which there will be a severe recession in grains and gold and silver. Traders should increase business carefully. Ta. Atleast, moderate recession may continue till 15th December, in between there may be bullish reactions. On December 16, Sun enters Mool Nakshatra Sagittarius and will combine with Sun, Mercury, Venus. Mars has a special vision on this. On December 16, Venus enters the Purvashadha Nakshatra, so people may be troubled by the problem of drinking water. From here onwards, there will be strong recession or boom in mustard, cotton, cotton, gold, linseed, etc. oilseeds. Outbreak of cold wave will increase in North India, incidents of accidents will increase due to mist and fog.
Sunday 11 December – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi fast,
Friday 16th December – Rukmani Ashtami, Ashtaka Shraddha,

Sheep- You may have to face ups and downs, you will get success only after working hard, you will remain in mental depression, negative thoughts will keep coming in your mind due to some dispute, avoid the advice of untrustworthy people in the family, the advice of a respected person And the cooperation of subordinates will be beneficial for you.
Taurus- In the era of competition, luck and hard work will give you a lot of benefits, your wishes will be fulfilled, take care of the health of your spouse. There is a possibility of tension in married life. Property may be divided between brothers, stay away from disputes. Stuck tasks will be completed. Business trip will get good results. The strength of emotional ties will give you inner happiness.
Gemini- You will hear happy news, take care of the comforts of the family, there will be profit in the big business of import-export. Unemployed will get employment. Property related dispute will be resolved. At the end of the week, your close opponents can create new problems, there will be a quick solution, working women can be in trouble. There can be a business trip.
Cancer- Your ambition will be at its peak, there will be fear of untoward incident. You will plan for the future. There is a sum of sudden profit. Travels will be promising, but beware of lifters. There will be expenses in the work of the patient. There will be success in legal matters. You will be happy by giving time in family life, pay attention to the advice of others.
Lion- You may be worried about excessive expenditure, yet you will remain active in each and every field of yours. You will have to be a victim of the neglect of the subordinate. There will be happiness in married life. Interaction with new people will increase. There will be expenditure in land, building, property. New works will be considered. For this someone’s cooperation or bank loan may have to be taken.
Virgo- The scope of your acquaintance and introduction will increase. It is good that you work keeping in mind the usefulness of social work, you can take your share by selling the ancestral property. You will plan to travel far away with your near and dear ones, you will be interested in risky activities, you will take someone’s help in financial matters, which will be remarkable.
Libra- There will be an atmosphere of laughter and happiness. Your job search may be over. Professional people will get the support of senior people, there will be more business trips. Soon you can take up some big plan. Using your behavior and dedication, you can expand in the field of work. Remembering the past will bring bitterness in personal relationships.
Scorpio There are chances of getting old stuck money this week, you will remain optimistic towards your work. There will be many ups and downs. You will consider all aspects before taking a business decision. There will be happiness and peace in the family. Money expenditure will be more in family programs. Attention can be paid to the expansion of relations, and people will be happy to meet you.
Sagittarius You will face difficulties strongly, people in job profession will be satisfied with their position and income, if you are in creative field, then more money will be received. You can go on a religious journey with your spouse. The decision will be in your favor in the case related to Jamesh Zayzad. Do not take any decision with overconfidence, the problem can be solved at the workplace.
Capricorn- You will touch new dimensions of life, on the strength of your hard work and dedication, you will be able to improve your position, you will be active in the field of work. Will solve the problem with an open mind. You may enter into a new contract, which will lead to progress in respect, the one on whom you trust more will try to dig your root. Religious journey will be outlined.
Kumbh- There is hope of some improvement in health, try to avoid loan transactions, decisions taken in haste may have to be changed, proposal for import-export will be received, working women will be in trouble, due to doubt in partnership, ongoing work in between. I may have to leave. Caution is desirable, giving advice without asking can be harmful.
Pisces- You can get a new job or a new business, there is a possibility of traveling in connection with business, you will get the support of close relatives, the effort to collect the scattered work will be successful. Property works will be spent. It will be in the interest of apologizing for the mistake done intentionally. A family pleasant plan will be considered in the weekend. Driving a vehicle can result in injury.

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