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Belly And Thigh Fat Tips: To reduce belly and thai fat completely ruin your look. The extra fat stored on the stomach increases the risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart problems. To get rid of your belly fat, exercise is also very important along with a healthy diet. Most people put in a lot of effort to lose weight, but still stubborn belly fat does not go away. If you want to get rid of extra fat and Thai fat around your waist, then you can adopt some effective tips. Also read: Weight loss: Oil left for quick weight loss? Know what experts say

get the right carbs

You need energy the most to exercise during weight loss, in which case carbs give you energy. But getting the right carbs is important. Avoid carbs from sugar, pasta, bread, as these can lead to weight gain.

avoid sweets

The reason for the accumulation of fat in places in the body is the excessive consumption of sugar. Insulin is released by eating starchy and carbohydrate-rich cheeses. In such a situation, the more sugar you eat, the more insulin is released in the body. So avoid eating sweets. Also read: Women should include probiotics in their diet, will get rid of many problems

Pay attention to calories

If you are planning to lose weight, then you have to keep an eye on your diet. Pay attention to what you are eating throughout the day. By focusing on a healthy diet and portion control, you can save yourself from eating more calories.

Pay attention to the amount of water you drink

To reduce fat, it is necessary to have a fast metabolism. If the body is properly hydrated then the metabolism is fast. Water keeps your stomach full, it helps in reducing the habit of feeling hungry again and again. Apart from this, it helps to remove extra sodium from the body.

include protein

To reduce belly fat, it is advisable to include more and more protein in the diet. Protein is very helpful for reducing fat. Also read: Weight Loss Hacks: Weight is not decreasing even after hard work, so follow these simple and easy weight loss hacks

Hindustan Hindi News

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