Take a small test in just 10 seconds, 8 things hidden in the picture will tell your IQ level A to Z Counsel


Spot The Object Puzzle: Every day many pictures of Spot The Object In Picture go viral on social media. Actually these pictures are considered very good for your brain exercise. Many puzzles on the Internet force Internet users to spend their minds every week. In a picture that is going viral at the moment, the challenge has been given – to find not one, but 8 objects.

This time the Optical Illusion we have brought for you is not of any forest or rock, but a black and white picture. Not one or two but a total of 8 objects are hidden inside this picture. Your challenge is that you have to find all these things within just 10 seconds. If you complete this challenge then your IQ level will be considered among the top people.

8 things to find in 10 seconds
You must have solved the things finding puzzles. At this time the puzzle is haunting the mind and eyes, it is not a color picture or a photographer’s miracle. This is a simple black and white picture, in which a total of 8 things are hidden in different places. All you have to do is to find these things quickly with a little attention. The challenge is that this work should be done in just 10 seconds. If you are able to do this then your IQ level is high, but even if you take a little more time then your problem solving skills are good.

If you don’t get all the things…..
By the way, we hope that you have found all 8 things either within 10 seconds or in a little more time. If you could not do this, then let us give you the answer ourselves. Look at the picture first.

Hopefully you will have found all 8 things either within 10 seconds or in a little more time.

Candle- A burning candle is present at the bottom of the mountain.
Crocodile- A crocodile is going upside down from the top of the mountain.
umbrella- The umbrella is also visible on the lower side of the mountain.
heart- The heart is made on the right side of the man’s head.
pear- There is a pear in place of the right ear of this man.
wing- If you look at the man’s left ear, you will see the wing.
book- There is a book on the back of the fourth person going to climb the mountain.
bottle- Between the second and third climbers, there is an upside down bottle at the bottom.

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