Sudhir’s shocking claim- ‘MDMA was brought at the behest of Sonali Phogat… was an overdose’ A to Z Counsel

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Now a big disclosure has come to light in the Tik Tok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat murder case. The CBI team is engaged in the investigation of the case. Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan had given his statement to the Goa Police when the case was not handed over to the CBI. The matter of drugs was coming to the fore in Sonali’s murder. Now the latest report is that Sonali herself had demanded drugs. Sudhir informed the police about the day of the incident. The things Sudhir has told in his confession are shocking. According to Sudhir, Sonali asked Sukhwinder Singh to buy MDMA drugs and bring them. Whereas earlier there were reports that Sonali has been forcibly given drugs. After this statement of Sudhir, a new twist has come in the whole matter.

The first dose of drugs was taken in the hotel

In his statement, Sudhir told the police that on August 22, at 2.30 pm, he had reached the hotel in Goa with Sonali. Around 4.30 pm Sonali asks Sukhwinder (friend) to buy drugs. Sudhir said, ‘All three of us had a desire to take drugs.’ 12 thousand rupees were charged for drugs, out of which 5 thousand was given by him and 7 thousand by Sukhwinder. On reaching the hotel, Sukhwinder brought drugs and all three took a dose of drugs through their nose.

late night club

In the night, the trio decided to go to the Curlies Beach Club and they took two scooters to get there at 11.30 pm. He was accompanied by two other girls, one of whom knew Sukhwinder. Another girl Sukhwinder knew was his friend. In this way 5 people reached the club late at night. Sudhir further told that some part of the drugs that were left was put in an empty bottle and those people reached Curlies with the rest of the pockets.

ill in the washroom

Further in his statement, Sudhir said, on reaching Curlies, the five people were sitting at the table near the dance floor where they took the second dose of drugs. He danced till 2.30 pm. Meanwhile, Sonali reached the washroom where her health started deteriorating and she made toilet in clothes. Then Sudhir got Sonali cleaned and he felt that Sonali had an overdose of drugs. Sudhir then placed the bottle of drugs in the flush tank of the washroom and closed the lid. Remind that a video of Sonali from the club went viral where Sudhir was walking holding Sonali.

Where did the drugs come from?

The drugs were delivered to Sudhir by a waiter named Datta Prasad who worked at Leoni Resort. Datta Prasad got the drugs through Rama Mandrekar who sells drugs.


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