SpiceJet sends 80 pilots on leave: Won’t even get salary for three months, company bid – not fired A to Z Counsel

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Airline company SpiceJet has sent 80 of its pilots on leave without pay for three months. The company said on Tuesday that it has taken this step to reduce costs. According to the company, this is a temporary measure. It is to be known that DGCA has imposed a ban of 8 weeks on half of the company’s flights.

SpiceJet said in a statement, this measure is in line with the airline’s policy of not terminating any employee. Even during the Kovid epidemic, the airline did not fire employees. With this step, the number of pilots will be done according to the fleet of aircraft.

Pilots of Boeing 737 and Bombardier Q400 fleet
The pilots sent on forced leave without pay belong to the airline’s Boeing and Bombardier fleet. “Around 70-80 pilots of Boeing 737 and Bombardier Q400 fleet have been sent on leave without pay for three months,” said a person familiar with the matter. It’s a topic of concern This has affected the morale of the employees of the airline.

No assurance of recall yet
A pilot said, “We are aware of the financial crisis of the airline, but this sudden decision has come as a shock to us. There is also uncertainty about the financial position of the company after three months. There has been no assurance that the pilots sent on leave will be recalled.

Half of the airline’s flights are banned
As per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s July 27 order, the airline has been restricted to operate flights up to 50% of its capacity. As per the order, SpiceJet’s operations have been curtailed for eight weeks with effect from July 27. During this, it will remain under the increased supervision of the regulator. The airline will have to show adequate technical support to the aviation regulator to allow it to operate more than 50 per cent of its flights after a period of 8 weeks.

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