Revealed the game of death: shot himself for a few rupees, lost his life if the target was missed A to Z Counsel

Revealed the game of death: shot himself for a few rupees, lost his life if the target was missed

There has been a shocking revelation of the murder of Surendra, a resident of village Dhunkara in Sidhpura police station area of ​​Kasganj. The story of the murder that took place on the night of September 5 is no less than a film. The accused, who became eyewitnesses in the murder case, had planned to shoot Surendra with the aim of framing their village enemy Hansraj and his son. In the greed of money, Surendra agreed to shoot himself. A shot was fired with the aim of injuring him, but while shooting the target was such that it became the cause of Surendra’s death. The police made this disclosure on Saturday by arresting one of the accused who shot. The village head who conspired, Ashok is still absconding. Police is raiding in search of him.

SP BBGTS Murthy said that on the night of September 5, village Surendra (45), resident of Dhundra, died due to bullet injuries. The incident happened when he was returning from the farm. Bhupendra, son of the deceased Surendra, filed a case against Hansraj and his son Bhupendra and two unknown people under the sections of murder. The village’s Bhupendra son Amar Singh became an eyewitness to the incident.

SP BBGTS Murthy said that three police teams were formed under the leadership of CO Patiali RK Tiwari to unearth this murder, but no evidence was found against the named accused. When the police did a thorough investigation, the reality came to the fore.

The SP told that the village head Ashok alias Bantu had hatched a conspiracy to implicate Hansraj and his son from the village itself. Hansraj and his son had opposed the installation of mobile towers at the place of village society. In this case, Hansraj had filed a fake case by shooting himself in his arm to take out the enmity with the conspirators. Which was ended by the police in the investigation, but the enmity between both the parties remained.

In this enmity, the conspirators, village head Ashok alias Bantu, persuaded villager Surendra to shoot himself for making a fake case. For this, he was also given the lure of money. On this Surendra also agreed to shoot himself.

The day before the incident, everyone drank alcohol and as planned, Ashok’s servant Bhupendra shot Surendra near the tower. The bullet was to be shot in the stomach, but hit the chest. Due to which Surendra died. The police have also recovered the firearm used in the murder on the behest of Bhupendra. Ashok, the second conspirator in this case, is still absconding.

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