Rahul Gandhi’s India Jodo Journey Begins, Congress President’s Grandmother’s Name mothi update A to Z Counsel

Rahul Gandhi's India Jodo Journey Begins, Congress President's Grandmother's Name  mothi update

New Delhi : Congress president padachi nivardnook jw aleli ahe. 24 september pasoon umedwari arj dakhal karanyaas start honar ahe. Or nivadanukisathi arj dakhal karanyachi last date is 30 september. 17 October Voting Honar Asoon 19 October Congressla New President Minar Ahe. Rahul Gandhi Yanchya Navala Miscellaneous state Madhya Pradesh Congress Kadoon Pathimba came to Darswala caste. Rahul Gandhi hurt while traveling on Sadhya Bharat Jodo. There is no or the subject matter apprehension of Tyamunte President-Presidential Nivaranuk Ladvanar. Rahul Gandhi i.e. Nivadnook not Ladhwalyas Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Kermadil Khasdar Shashi Tharoor Yanchya Navanchi Discussion started.

Congress party Badya Netyani Rahul Gandhi i.e. Pakshachan President Karav Ashi Magani Kelly came. According to the Congress’s sources, Rahul Gandhi’s party president’s office-bearer’s request has come down in the field. Rahul Gandhi Quit India Yatra Sodoon Delhila Paratanar Nahit Ashi Mahiti Ahe. Join India in the middle of the journey. 29 Septembarla thi yatra will enter the middle of Karnataka. Till the 30th of September, the President’s office will be called upon to enter the application.

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Tharao for support of Rahul Gandhi of State Congress

Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand State Congress Kadoon Rahul Gandhi Anna President Karanyachi Magani Karanyat Aali came. Or the state’s Congress-doon Rahul Gandhi’s support for the sake of support.

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Shashi Tharoor Ashok Gehlot petitioned?

According to the Congress party, the G-23 Gatatil Shashi Tharoor arrived at the boat Aghadivar. Tharoor i.e. to give a good word of mouth or hint at the east. Shashi Tharoor means naughty Sonia Gandhi Yanchi Bheet Dekhel Ghetli would have been. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, came to see the boat Aghadiwar. Gehlot is a nearby village of Gandhi family. Ashok Gehlot i.e. the President’s post and Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Dekhil Tyanchyakade Asawan, Ashi Bhumika Ghetlyachan Samor Allan.

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Sambit Patra taunted by tweeting the photo of India Jodo Yatra, Congress leaders retaliated like this

Sambit Patra taunted by tweeting the photo of India Jodo Yatra, Congress leaders retaliated like this A to Z Counsel

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