Pakistan: Father burns son to death for not doing homework A to Z Counsel

Pakistan: Father burns son to death for not doing homework

Pakistani Man Burns His Son to Death: In Karachi, Pakistan, a man allegedly set his 12-year-old son on fire for not doing homework. According to the news of ‘Dawn’ news, the incident took place on September 14 in Orangi Town when a man named Nazir sprinkled kerosene on his son Shaheer in the house and set it on fire. On the complaint of the boy’s mother, the father has been arrested and a case has been registered against him. The boy, who was seriously scorched, died during treatment at a local hospital.

According to the news, the accused was produced before the judicial magistrate on Monday and the court sent him to police custody till September 24. According to the news, during the initial investigation, the accused Nazir told the investigators that he did not intend to kill his son. The accused said that he had sprinkled kerosene on the son to scare him as he was not doing his school homework. The accused said that he had lit a match to scare the boy but the oil caught fire and the boy was badly burnt.

Unable to answer the questions properly, the father was furious

According to local media, police officer Salim Khan told that his father Nazir got angry when Shaheer insisted on going out to fly kites instead of completing his homework. Nazir started asking his son questions related to homework. When Shaheer could not give satisfactory answers to the questions, his father poured kerosene on him.

According to reports, hearing the boy’s screams, his mother Shazia ran and brought a blanket from the room and threw it at him. Both the mother and father tried to save the boy with the help of blankets and clothes, but by then he was quite scorched. According to the news of Daily Mail, Shaheer died on 16 September. Shazia, the son’s mother, mourned for two days and then lodged a police complaint against her husband.

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