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The eye is applied as a new one;

Chhindwara is a small town in India, but it has witnessed a tragic case recently. A nine-year-old girl named Simran Ahirwar was killed due to a thread tied with a new eye. As the local police reported, Simran had been playing with other children in her home at Poma in the city when she accidently tied the thread around her neck. The thread became so tight that it choked off her breathing making it impossible for the family members to save her from death.

The sad incident has caused immense grief to the family members of Simran as well as to entire Chhindwara city. The exact details about this incident are still unknown as the police has started its investigation and interrogation in order to find out the real culprit behind it. However, one thing is clear that it was an accidental event and no one is responsible for this tragedy.

When Simran was rushed to the district hospital in Chhindwara, the doctors tried their best to revive her, but it was too late. It was an unbearable sight to see the family members crying over the untimely demise of Simranla. Although the family members did their best to save her life but they failed to do so.

The funeral of Simran took place in Akhkhan village Jamlan. All the people present at her funeral were in tears. Her death created a vacuum in her family as it was too difficult to imagine that a five year old kid has gone forever. It is an undeniable fact that such incidents create a feeling of fear among the people of Chhindwara. It is necessary for the government to take proper steps for the safety of children in the city.

It is not possible to bring back Simran but it’s possible to ensure the safety of other lives by proper implementation of law and regulation. Chhindwara is already facing many challenges due to its remote location and limited resources. Therefore, it is important that the government should provide better facilities to the citizens of the city. People living here should also be alert and take proper precautions whenever they take their children outside.

Simran’s death is an irreparable loss and unfortunate event for the entire Chhindwara city. It is difficult to accept the fact that such an innocent life has ended so soon. We can only hope that the government will look into the matters more seriously and try to make Chhindwara a safe and secure place for the city’s citizens.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that it is never easy to face such a tragedy. We can only offer our condolences to the family members of Simran and wish them the strength to overcome this difficult period. No matter what, we must not forget the importance of taking proper precautions while playing outdoors as well as indoors. We should take all the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies from occurring again in the future.

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