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Exclusive: गायक शैलेंद्र सिंह को आज मिलेगा लता मंगेशकर सम्मान, कहा- इंतेहा हो गई इंतजार की

Shailendra Singh, who began his profession as a playback singer in 1972 on the age of simply 19, is such a Bollywood singer who has not sung a whole bunch, 1000’s of songs, however what he sang grew to become memorable. The songs adorned along with his tunes all the time stir the juice of sweetness within the minds of his followers. On receiving the Lata Mangeshkar ornament, Shailendra Singh mentioned, “It is a pity that I am being given this award after 37 years. I went to Indore 38 years ago to do a show with Lata ji, then on the same day the then CM Arjun Singh announced on the stage that we are starting Lata Mangeshkar Award from next year. I am getting this after 37 years of that. Well, it is said that if the income comes late, then it is right.

Shailendra Singh also sang songs with Lata Mangeshkar. When asked about Lata ji, he said, “What ought to I inform about her, I’m very younger. I do not perceive about such an enormous character and his expertise.
I need to say one thing, I’m very younger. But the world is aware of about his expertise. I do not need to say something about singing, everybody is aware of.. Which calivar singer she was.. and the way vital she was to us.. however I’m very fortunate that I received her in my first movie ‘Bobby’ Sing duets collectively. I contemplate myself very fortunate. She gave me the award on the go, Lata Mangeshkar Award of Madhya Pradesh Government.

Shailendra Singh sang many melodious songs for cinema. The particular factor is that the majority his songs grew to become hits. How can or not it’s that every one the songs of a singer go on changing into hits? On this query, he mentioned, “Those who like my songs are thankful that my songs continue to be hits. One of the reasons why people like me can be that my voice does not match with anyone.

Shailendra Singh was given the first chance by the great showman Raj Kapoor for the film ‘Bobby’. When asked them, were they ready for it? And how did it happen? He said, “I used to be not prepared, I wished to grow to be an actor. Went to Institute (Pune) to study performing. When I used to be in second 12 months there, I received a name from Bombay. I went to Bombay and met Raj Sahab, he preferred me. That’s how I received the break of ‘Bobby’. I wished to grow to be an actor. I had discovered to sing since childhood. This is only a small incident. Call it coincidence, communicate luck.. I do not know.

Question – If you have been an actor, would you be extra happy or are you happy like a singer? But he mentioned, “Look, when I started singing, I started having more fun singing. Enjoyed recording songs. That’s why then I acted only in four-five films, not in much. I started giving full attention to the songs. Really I enjoy singing and I still do it.”

The tremendous hit tune ‘Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate…’ sung by Shailendra Singh from the movie ‘Bobby’ was written by lyricist Vithalbhai Patel and Vitthalbhai Patel’s movie journey additionally began with the movie ‘Bobby’. When requested about him, Shailendra Singh mentioned, “I didn’t get much from Vitthal Bhai Patel, I used to get it only during recording. But he was in my touch on the phone. Keep in touch with him for many years. They used to meet when they used to come to Bombay. ‘Bobby’ was his first film, my first film too. They seemed to me a very gentle man. Whatever little I got from him.. he was a very good person.

When asked about the journey of songs after “Bobby”, Shailendra Singh said, “After Bobby, I received loads of songs, largely for Rishi Kapoor. But I sang many songs for different individuals too, like Mithun, Sachin, Shashi Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor… for everybody.. and I sang for Shammi Kapoor too. I additionally discovered songs superb. Even although there are few songs, however all of the songs are good. Because of this the hits have been as a result of the strains of the songs have been good, the lyrics have been good, the makers have been good. I labored with each composer.. RD Burman, Kalyan ji, Anand ji, Ravindra Jain, Salil Chowdhary, Shankar ji, Usha Khanna.. so nobody is left besides Madan Mohan and SD Burman.

Which musician did you get pleasure from working with probably the most? On this query, Shailendra Singh mentioned, “Everyone was virtuous, everyone was virtuous with their own style but a comfort level was mostly with RD Burman. I also had a good friendship with him. I also worked a lot with Bappi Lahiri.

What is your view on current film music? Responding to this question, Shailendra Singh said- “What are the songs today? First of all I do not know.. Should I name them songs or simply noises. Make a loop and hold repeating the identical. People dance on that tune..they dance for four-five days, then neglect to sing as a result of one other tune comes. There isn’t any melody and lyrics, so the tune doesn’t maintain. Today’s songs would not have a self-life in any respect. It is a matter of nice remorse.”

On the query about his favourite tune, he mentioned, “My first song – ‘Main Shayar To Nahi…’ That song is amazing. It has been made very well. That song is the best for me.”

Regarding the artists making an attempt to make a profession as a movie singer, he mentioned, “If any singer wants to become a playback singer or wants to become a stage singer, then first Riyaz is very important, a good teacher is very important. I’m sure people must be learning to sing..most effort should be not to imitate anyone. If you don’t copy, you will be able to make your place. Otherwise it will be the same that these Kishore Kumar clones, Mohammed Rafi clones, Mukesh clones.. remain the same.. Clones are many in our country, originals are very few.

It is worth noting that Shailendra Singh is being given the National Lata Mangeshkar Award for the year 2019. Apart from him, Anand and Milind, who have composed music for more than 200 films, will be given this decoration for the year 2020. The last time the Madhya Pradesh government organized the Lata Mangeshkar Samman ceremony was on 7 February 2020. After this the ceremony could not be held for two years due to the outbreak of Kovid-19.

The National Lata Mangeshkar Samman is an annual decoration given by the Culture Department of Madhya Pradesh to encourage artistic excellence in the field of music. Due to this, an amount of two lakh rupees and a plaque of appreciation is given to the honored artist. Lata Mangeshkar was born on 28 September 1929 in Indore and breathed her last on 6 February 2022 in Mumbai.

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