Delhi CM said- ‘Killing corruption’, BJP’s counterattack- ‘Take a sleeping pill’ A to Z Counsel

Delhi CM said- 'Killing corruption', BJP's counterattack- 'Take a sleeping pill'

Arvind Kejriwal Attack On BJP: The National People’s Conference of the Aam Aadmi Party was held on Sunday (September 18) at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Delhi. In this, Arvind Kejriwal attacked the BJP fiercely. Comparing AAP with Lord Krishna, he said that the Aam Aadmi Party is killing the corruption, unemployment in the form of demons.

Arvind Kejriwal said that if Satendra Jain had been in any other country, he would have got Bharat Ratna. On this, the BJP leader said that talking of Bharat Ratna to the hawala trader is tantamount to insulting the great personalities who have got Bharat Ratna.

Delhi BJP general secretary Kuljit Chahal said, “Whoever he (Kejriwal) calls staunchly honest, he is sure to go to jail.”

Kuljeet Chahal while talking to ABP News said, “This is the Aam Aadmi Party haunt of rioters of corrupt, anti-nationals. Leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Satendra Jain are its leaders.” He said that Bharat Ratna, many such great personalities, who laid down their lives for the country, you ask for brokers and hawala traders to get Bharat Ratna. You are insulting Bharat Ratna and you are also insulting all those great personalities who got Bharat Ratna.

“Kejriwal sleeping after taking sleeping pill”

BJP leader Chahal further said that the power of leader, policy, determination and decision making is completely over. Who is afraid to go inside. Which Amanatullah did in the name of Waqf Board. Now she looks furious. Kuljit Chahal said, “His friends are telling that Arvind Kejriwal is sleeping with Alprax these days out of fear due to being involved in corruption, because he is not able to sleep.” He said, “Manish Sisodia has come after seeing Tihar. Every thief will have to go inside, have to give an account. Will also have to answer.”

“Leaders who support freebies honest”

Let us tell you that Arvind Kejriwal while giving a speech in this conference said that he will put everyone in jail, prepare. I have come after 15 days. If everyone has the courage, then they cannot spoil anything. Kejriwal said that the leader who says that there should be freebies, consider him honest and the leader who says that there should be no freebies, understand that he is a traitor. Responding to this in a sarcastic manner, BJP leader Kuljit Chahal said that there was poetry in olden times. Posam Pa Bhai Posam Pa. What did Arvind Kejriwal do, he earned crores in the liquor scam, now he will have to go to jail, will have to eat the bread of jail.

BJP’s taunt on you – “If you scam, you will have to go to jail”

The BJP leader further said that when Manish Sisodia commits a scam, he will have to go to jail, he will also have to eat roti. These people used to say for Satendra Jain that he will come out in a week, but the judiciary has evidence, facts that they have done brokerage. Whoever embezzles public money will have to account and answer. BJP Chahal said that they are trying to turn the debate around. Liquor scam happened in the open, there is a debate whether the hawala trader is Satendra Jain or not.

“Your account will not be opened in Gujarat”

Targeting Kejriwal (Kejriwal), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said, “The way they have been wiped out in UP-Uttarakhand. They will be wiped out in the coming corporation elections. They are afraid.” There is a fear that nothing will be left in Delhi and account will not be opened in Gujarat. He said, the people who have come in the conference are saying that Arvind Kejriwal has to be made PM in 2024. Kuljit Chahal said that these are such beautiful dreams, which Sanjay Singh Manish Sisodia or himself was seeing as the Chief Minister in the UP elections. The BJP leader said, “PM Modi gave corruption-free and such a government in 8 years, which defeated Pakistan on its soil. These are the same people who asked for proof of surgical strike.

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