Cheetahs came to Kuno from Namibia in tension: will not allow cheetahs to hunt for a month; Buffalo meat being served A to Z Counsel

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Rajesh Sharma from Kuno6 hours ago

Eight cheetahs brought from Namibia in the Kuno-Palpur National Park are still under some stress even after 48 hours. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had left them in the enclosure, they were scared for an hour. Adrian Tordiffe, a wildlife medicine specialist at the University of Pretoria, who accompanied the team from Namibia, said the cheetahs are under stress, but will adapt soon enough. In Namibia, we worked for several days to get cheetahs out of their familiar environment, but it takes time to get used to the new environment.

Stress caused by the proximity of humans and cages
Experts say that it is very challenging to move wild cheetahs from one place to another, because cheetahs get stressed due to the proximity of humans and cages. MP’s PCCF (Principal Chief Conservator of Forests) JS Chauhan told that the cheetahs were under stress after such a long journey. When they were released into the enclosure their behavior appeared normal. In a month they will get accustomed to the atmosphere. The shifting of cheetahs from one continent to another is a big event.

A cheetah resting in the shade in the Kuno National Park.

A cheetah resting in the shade in the Kuno National Park.

Information of cheetahs will be received on email from satellite caller
Every cheetah will be tracked. A team has been formed for each cheetah. All have been fitted with satellite collars. This will give information about the activities of cheetahs on email. Let us tell you that during the 9 thousand kilometer journey from Namibia to Kuno, he remained in the cage for about 10 hours. Cheetahs were kept empty stomach while being brought to India from Namibia.

One and a half kilos of meat is being served everyday
These five-six-year-old cheetahs will be kept in this quarantine zone for about a month before being released in the Kuno National Park with an area of ​​1.15 lakh hectares, so that they can get used to this changed climate. PCCF Chauhan told that according to the protocol at 4:30 pm on Sunday evening, the cheetahs were given buffalo meat to fill their stomachs. Each cheetah is being given an average of 1.5 kg meat per day.

Leopards were scared for 1 hour
According to a forest department official, the cheetahs were scared for about an hour after being released into the enclosure. This may have happened due to fatigue, because during the 9,000 km journey from Namibia to Kuno, the cheetah remained in the cage for about 10 hours.

Will be under expert supervision for a month
Experts from the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) from Africa are monitoring cheetahs in Kuno. These experts will keep the cheetahs under their observation for about a month. Only then will they formally hand over the cheetahs to the Kuno management. Two wildlife doctors from Africa and two cheetah experts are in Kuno. They will go back when the other team reaches here. Indian veterinarians are working closely with African experts.

24 hours watch on every cheetah
CCTVs have been installed in cheetah enclosures. that they are being monitored. A small control room has been built near the enclosure. In which duty has been imposed in the shift of officers of the Forest Department for 24 hours.

Employees in the forest for 2 weeks, ban on coming out
For the last one and a half months, the staff of the Forest Department was engaged in preparations to settle the cheetahs in Kuno. When it was decided that the African cheetahs would be brought to Kuno on September 17, about 30 officers and staff, including the Ranger-Deputy Ranger on duty, have remained in the forest since (September 6). Four days before the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he was completely banned from going out of the forest.

separate enclosure for female cheetahs
According to experts, male cheetahs form their own friendship gangs as compared to females. There are four or five cheetahs in a herd. Most of them are brothers. That is, the children of the same parents, but sometimes outside members also come in the herd.

The life of a female cheetah is very challenging. She has to raise an average of nine children alone. This meant that he would have to hunt every other day. Otherwise how will she be able to feed the children? During the hunt, he also has to supervise his young, so that they can be saved from dangerous animals. It is also a challenge for the female cheetah to carry small children from one place to another.

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Kuno forest no less than Namibia

SP Yadav, head of Project Cheetah, said that there are large grasslands in Kuno National Park. There are also small hills. This area is very suitable for cheetahs. There are complete arrangements for the safety of animals. Work is being done here for many years to grow patrolling, good quality grass. There are also spotted deer and other animals and birds (which live on land) which cheetahs can hunt, that is, there is no problem of food for cheetahs here.

According to the cheetah chief, overall we compare the kuno with the forests of Namibia or South Africa, so we are no less than them. Click here to watch Kuno’s Drone VIDEO…

Question on ‘hunting’ of cheetahs from Namibia

Controversy has arisen over the resettlement of extinct cheetahs in the country in the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh. To become the victim of these 8 cheetahs, 181 cheetal cunos were sent from Rajgarh forest division of Madhya Pradesh. This decision hurts the Bishnoi society, which is known for protecting wildlife. The society has written a letter to the PM asking – is it an established fact that cheetah is essential for nature and not cheetal. click here…

8 cheetahs on country’s soil, PM Modi left in Kuno

India’s wait of 70 years came to an end on Saturday. Eight cheetahs from Namibia took their first steps on the country’s soil. Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the box in Kuno National Park and left 2 cheetahs in the quarantine enclosure. He also clicked pictures of cheetahs. For an hour after the cheetahs were released, they looked frightened. click here.

Birthday gift to PM Modi

After 70 years, the country was again populated with cheetahs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday morning released two of the eight cheetahs brought from Namibia in Africa into a special enclosure at the Kuno National Park in Sheopur district, on his birthday. There are 5 females and 3 males. The lifespan of male cheetahs is 5 and a half years. Two of the female cheetahs are 5-5 years old and the rest are 2 years old, two and a half years old and 4 years old. click here.

The grass like the forest of Africa, makes Kuno special

After the arrival of cheetahs in Kuno Palpur National Park, the increasing possibilities of tourism here are also being discussed. There is also a reason for this – amidst the beauty of Vindhyachal mountain range in Sheopur district, Kuno has all the specialties that bring tourists here. The wildlife-rich Kuno has grasslands, just like the jungles of Africa. click here.

cheetah growls and chirps like a cat

Cheetahs have returned to the country after 70 years. Eight cheetahs have reached India from Namibia on Saturday. You must have heard the lion roaring and the tiger roaring many times, but only a few people would know how the cheetahs sound. Listen to the voice of a cheetah that reached Kuno from Namibia in this video- click here.

Script to bring cheetah written 50 years ago

The behind the Cheetah project is 50 years of hard work of MK Ranjit Singh, a 1961 batch IAS officer of MP cadre. He first gave the idea of ​​making India a home of cheetahs in 1972 and drafted this project. Then the agreement to bring Iranian cheetahs was done with the condition that India would give them a lion. click here.

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