Chahat Khanna breaks silence on Sukesh Chandrashekhar cheating case, says media only knows half the story A to Z Counsel

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So far the names of all the celebrities have been associated with the fraud case of Sukesh Chandrasekhar. After Jacqueline Fernandez and Nikki Tamboli, Chahat Khanna’s name has also been linked to the Sukesh case. After Chahat’s name was associated with this matter, his opponent Urfi Javed trolled Chahat fiercely. Now Chahat Khanna has given clarification regarding this whole matter and Sukesh case.

‘I’ll say everything when the right time comes’

In a conversation with HT, Chahat Khanna said, ‘It doesn’t make any sense right now, as the case is still going on. Now is not the time when I should present my explanation or feel the need for it. Chahat Khanna said that she will clarify on this whole matter and will speak when the right time comes for it.

‘What is there now is only half of the story’

Chahat Khanna said, ‘I will speak obviously, but not to defend myself, but to reveal what really happened. What the media knows right now is only half of the story. Chahat said that if she says anything now, then a whole series of rhetoric will start. So it is better to remain silent.

‘People can say whatever they want’

Chahat Khanna said on this whole matter that even if people take any result without listening to my side, then they do not have to worry. Because they don’t know the reality. They can say whatever they want and believe it. They also have the right to do so. Chahat said, ‘Right now my family and I are laughing a lot after reading the reports about what is there and what is coming out.’


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