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No official or personal trip is complete without luggage or bag. Both are essential and very much relevant for different types of trips. If you are going for an official tour then having luggage will make you look professional and ease your traveling. You can easily crawl it with you without holding it in your hands or shoulders. However, a lightweight bag is meant for ardent travelers, trekkers, and road-trip enthusiasts who love to travel a lot. They add a lot of convenience, comfort, and style quotient to your trip. The best part is that you can find them in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials.

But, knowing the rising prices, everyone wants the best quality at affordable prices. Hence, we have compiled the finest range of luggage and bags starting from Rs. 369 at Amazon. Pick the best one for yourself without burning a hole in your pocket. These bags are stylish, sturdy, safe, and highly convenient for any kind of tour/trip.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the most affordable and premium luggage and bags available only at Amazon.

  • Optima Duffle Bag

Optima Duffle Bag
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This is a super affordable and quality-driven duffle bag for sportsmen, sportswomen, athletes, gymgoers, and travelers. It is made up of polyester, hence, one doesn’t need to worry about rains. It comes with the capacity of 31 liters, zipper closure, solid design, and multiple pockets to give users a high amount of flexibility and convenience while traveling. There is an added strap also so that one can carry it on his shoulders for easy mobility. The straps are adjustable and the bag is completely scratch-resistant, splash-resistant, and highly flexible for easy traveling. It is available on Amazon at an unbelievable price of Rs.399/-.

  • Everest bag 50L waterproof & Expandable

Everest bag
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This is a highly affordable, convenient, and multi-purpose bag made of Polyester and Nylon.  The handmade travel and duffle bag weighs only 900grams with dimensions, 39 x 20 x 4 cm. It is an ideal choice for ardent travelers, professionals, and excursionists. It can also be used as a laundry bag and can be folded to offer convenient storage without giving any kind of inconvenience while traveling. It is made in India and comes with wheels also. You can get it at just Rs. 549 at Amazon.

  • Aristocrat

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This brand doesn’t need an introduction. Aristocrat has earned a reputation of being the most loved brand for luggage and bags. This time the brand offers a duffle trolley bag with protective corner guards. It comes with a push-button trolley handle for easy handling. One can drag it effortlessly to enjoy seamless mobility. It also comes with twin grab handles to hold it easily. And with a U-shaped opening and butterfly lock, one can easily pack clothes and accessories without worrying about storage and safety.

It also comes with a side zipper pocket that makes it airline-friendly. And with sturdy construction and corner guards, one can frequently travel without worrying a little about its performance.

It has 46 liters capacity and weighs 1940 grams. It has two wheels and two compartments. And with a 5 years international warranty and a highly affordable price of Rs 1360/-, it is a must-buy trolley travel bag.

  • PUMA Duffle bag

PUMA Duffle bag
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If you are an ardent gymgoer or sportsman then this stylish and sturdy bag from a leading sports brand PUMA is meant for you. It comes with a black & white shade to grab everyone’s attention. With a stylish and sleek design, it offers spacious interiors and amplified functionality to give you an immense amount of flexibility and comfort while carrying it with you.

It is a unisex bag and weighs only 350 grams. One can pick it in multiple shades that entirely depend upon the availability. This branded bag comes at a jaw-dropping price of Rs.912 only at Amazon.

  • FUR JADEN backpack with shoe compartment

FUR JADEN backpack
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If you are an avid trekker, hiker, or adventurer then this backpack is your cup of tea. It comes with an adventurous design, sturdy feel, and spacious storage to give any adventurer sleepless nights. The travel backpack has an ergonomic design for easy carrying and commuting. It has some extra pockets to keep your traveling accessories such as a charger, lightbox, chargers, phones, etc.

The best part is that the bag comes with a shoe compartment where you can keep your shoes in an isolated state without mixing them with clothes. And the spacious compartment and water-resistant polyester fabric make it an ideal bag for trekkers and adventurous trip-goers.

The stunning bag comes with a 55L capacity and a 1-year warranty against defects. You can get your hands on it at just Rs.849/-.

  • Verage Tokyo Trolley Hard Suitcase Luggage

Verage Tokyo Trolley
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If you are a professional who is always on a move then you need professional and sturdy trolley luggage to give you oodles of comfort while traveling. Verage is a prominent international brand that offers a premium range of trolley suitcase luggage to professionals. This time, the company offers super lightweight tour luggage that will save you money at the airport check-in counters. It weighs only 2kg 120 grams so that you can put as many clothes and accessories as you want. It has spinner wheels that come with silent technology and can move in different directions without making a noise. It is designed with ABS plastic that makes it highly durable and sturdy.

The luggage comes with a retractable telescopic handle that requires very little effort while holding or dragging it along with you. On top of that, the spacious interior cabin with zippered compartments will keep everything in a sorted state without creating any kind of clutter. It also comes with side-mounted locks, a 365 days warranty, and a stylish look that makes it a perfect luggage suitcase for professional travelers. It comes at only Rs.1499/-.

  • Caprese Women’s backpack small

Caprese Women’s backpack
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Caprese doesn’t need an introduction. It is a well-known brand for women’s backpacks, handbags, etc. This time, the brand has launched a super-cool and stylish backpack for women in trendy shades. This is a yellow Caprese Whitney backpack small for women in a yellow shade.

The bag showcases a glamorous design with a flap-over closure followed by hanging drawstrings. The sparkling metal logo further enhances the overall look. It’s not only stylish but very spacious also. The spacious interior can accommodate many things and can be secured by a snap magnetic button. It is a highly comfortable and convenient backpack for traveling purposes. If you are a frequent flyer or ardent traveler who doesn’t want a bulky bag then it is meant for you.

You can get it at just Rs. 1358/- at the Amazon store.


A luggage, travel bag, backpack, or suitcase bag is a very essential traveling accessory. Thus, it’s indispensable to get the right one without burning a hole in your pocket. The above-mentioned bags are not only premium but also very affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Amazon and get one for your next trip.

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