Ambedkar Hospital | Obstacles in the way of Ambedkar super specialty, time taken to remove encroachment A to Z Counsel


Nagpur, The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital and Research Center located in Indore, North Nagpur was given the status of Super Specialty Institute after upgradation. Along with this, 615 beds were also approved, but the slow pace of removal of encroachments at some places in the campus has made the path of development difficult. If the encroachment is not removed in time, then the administration has started preparing to shift the institute to some other place.

Ambedkar Hospital was started on 15 August 2005. Its purpose was to reduce the pressure of Mayo, Medical and to provide better health facilities to the people of North Nagpur, but for many years the hospital was limited to OPD only. Its responsibility also remained with the Mayo administration. The proposal to start postgraduate and super specialty courses in 2019 was approved. Along with this, the expenditure for the construction of the institute was also approved. It seemed that soon another super specialty hospital would be available in the city for the convenience of the public.

Still limited to OPD

The situation remains opposite. Till now the hospital is only OPD based. The building will be expanded for super specialty but there is encroachment in some part of the campus. This matter is justice admitted. It is also difficult to tell when the matter will be settled. The expansion of the building will take 3-4 years. By then the cost will also increase. That is, it will take a long time to prepare the super specialty at the present place. This is the reason that now the administration has started looking for another place. If this happens then there will be injustice to the people of North Nagpur. It is believed that some organizations have become active against this decision of the administration. Along with this, they are also preparing for agitation regarding transfer.


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