After the death of his wife, Rahul Dev cried remembering the day of raising a child alone, said – looks easy in films A to Z Counsel

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Bollywood actor Rahul Dev’s Kannada film ‘Kabja’ is going to release on the big screen soon. Apart from Rahul, Shriya Saran, Upendra and Kicha Sudeep will be seen in the film. Recently, Rahul Dev told during a conversation that raising a child alone is a very difficult task, in reality things are not as shown in films. He became emotional remembering the old days.

Being a single parent is not easy

Actor Rahul Dev’s wife Reena Dev passed away in 2009. Recently, Rahul Dev shared his experiences as a single father. Rahul Dev told in an interview to FM Canada, ‘Parenting is not easy at all, women have a big contribution in raising children, in raising them. She listens to the problems of the children and understands them properly. This is probably also because children come from within. I have tried many times to inculcate the kind of patience that mothers have for children. Did a lot but at some point it used to happen that I used to lose my temper. I had to try to be both mother and father for him. Whenever I went to my son’s school parents teachers meeting, most of the children’s mother used to come there. Seeing which I used to feel very insecure that where is the man.

It’s not as easy as starting a movie again

Rahul further said – That time was full of difficulties, I do not want to remember those days at all. Whatever happened to me, should not happen to anyone. In reality things are not as easy as they are shown in the movies. It is shown in films that if someone does not have a partner, then after some time he starts again, but in reality it is not easy at all to start again.


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